Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back in town...

It's morning. Early morning, or it was. I read my faves and now it is, at least, a more respectable hour of 7am. I am looking forward to when I can get up at 6am for work - it means my body will sleep in on the weekends. Right now, not happening. At least I'm not hungover - I thought I would be after Mike making LGBNAF's (Let's get buck naked and fuck). He can make great drinks out of anything - but they're always stronger than you think they are.

My busy season is almost over. No more Saturdays at least. I think next week will still be OT & then it will be back to 8hrs. This season has just been such shit for so many reasons that won't make a lick of sense to anyone. I am highly annoyed at something and it may result in me looking for another job. But in this economy, isn't that scary? I can't afford to start at the bottom again...maybe a rung or two lower but I have to make a certain amount of money to pay the bills. *SIGH* Gives me a headache just thinking and trying to figure it all out so for right now, I am doing nothing & seeing if annoyed situation actually presents itself. No reason putting the cart before the horse, right?

Mike is spending the morning getting & cutting wood. Let me rephrase that in Brandie language - Mike is spending the morning wasting $200 on wood. We live in So Cal & the fireplace is more of a decorative item. Sure, I enjoy a fire but we don't have $200 extra for fucking wood. We use the heater, we pay for the heater. It's not like we're NOT going to use the heater and use the fireplace to heat up the house instead. Grrrr...can you tell I'm mad about this? That $200 could (& needed) to go towards Christmas presents, or bills! Not wood *rolls eyes* but it was something he still did knowing how I felt about it. He's going to regret tho, he'll see. And yes, I'm childish enough to then go "I told you so". /end Mike rant.

Our Thanksgiving was really good. We declined all the invites and relished being hermits. Our single/no family out here neighbor (who is actually one of Mike's best friends) came over. We injected the turkey with jalapeno butter stuff and put it in the rotissere. OMG that shit was sooo good & juicy! I made sour cream & garlic mashed potatoes and a green bean casserole. But not the mushroom soup kind - that stuff looks like an elephant snotted all over it and literally makes me gag. Try this recipe (even just on a normal dinner night):

Take casserole dish and soften a brick of cream cheese (or half if you're only feeding a small group. You want enough to coat the green beans like the normal mushroom recipe). I just put it in the microwave for a few. Add about 2-4tbl of butter too (I just slap some in there). Add your green beans and mix it up. Add salt & pepper. Smooth evenly in your dish.

(Optional is adding grilled onions at this point too - diced or however you want them in the dish. They add a great flavor!)

Cover with foil & pop in the 350 oven for like 20 minutes or so - you want it to start bubbling so that you know it's nice & hot and melted. Then pull out.

Uncover and top with mozzarella cheese and then those French's Fried Onions. Then another layer of the mozzarella cheese and pop it back under the broiler (uncovered) until it starts getting brown.

To die for, I tell ya. It's all creamy & cheesy and crispy. Oh yum! I think I will have some for lunch, lol.

We took the Christmas decorations down from the garage rafters last night & I think I will start the inside of the house later today while Mike takes care of the outside. It's a chore tho - I always feel like I'm moving. Take the year 'round stuff and wrap it up and put it in the boxed that the Xmas decorations came out of. But it's so pretty to see the inside all snowmaned out. ;)

I should hop in the shower and start my day. At least now I know I will be on here more. Yay for the end of my busy season!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Help or support needed

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been here. My life-slash-work is so hectic right now I can barely fart, let alone find time to come here and write. I need it tho *sigh*

Anyway, The O'Toole's are family friends. What isn't said here is that this man killed their last puppy too right in their own backyard. There just weren't any witnesses. And I guess his daughter is known for running up to neighbor's houses for safety from him. I remember them telling us about this crazy man that no one could do anything about because he was some uppity Fire Dude. I can't believe the poor puppy - she was beautiful!

It's been on the news since last night. Please go comment and show your support - even fellow fightfighters can't stand him & have placed comments. If you know me, you know animals are my world and if he did this to any of my animals, I'm quite sure I'd kill him. Ineed to mention to Heather that she should find out where his past residencies were & see if there were any similar incidences. The guy's family is in politics and has something to do with a past mayor or this point, I don't have all those facts, but what is known is that sooooo many people have complained about this guy and he still has a job. Fuck him!!!

Does anyone know of anything more we can do? Or who we can get involved for more coverage??? Anyways, at least go post a comment...we can't let him do this to another animal. What's next, someone's child?