Friday, November 7, 2008

Help or support needed

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been here. My life-slash-work is so hectic right now I can barely fart, let alone find time to come here and write. I need it tho *sigh*

Anyway, The O'Toole's are family friends. What isn't said here is that this man killed their last puppy too right in their own backyard. There just weren't any witnesses. And I guess his daughter is known for running up to neighbor's houses for safety from him. I remember them telling us about this crazy man that no one could do anything about because he was some uppity Fire Dude. I can't believe the poor puppy - she was beautiful!

It's been on the news since last night. Please go comment and show your support - even fellow fightfighters can't stand him & have placed comments. If you know me, you know animals are my world and if he did this to any of my animals, I'm quite sure I'd kill him. Ineed to mention to Heather that she should find out where his past residencies were & see if there were any similar incidences. The guy's family is in politics and has something to do with a past mayor or this point, I don't have all those facts, but what is known is that sooooo many people have complained about this guy and he still has a job. Fuck him!!!

Does anyone know of anything more we can do? Or who we can get involved for more coverage??? Anyways, at least go post a comment...we can't let him do this to another animal. What's next, someone's child?

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Anonymous said...

well I'm way late but I'll check it out and comment.

Some folks are just mean and mean people suck.