Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I walked on dead stars, dude!

So...after a last minute decision, yesterday I went to Hollywood with my step-sister, her 17yo daughter (whose birthday it was and this is where she wanted to go) and four of her friends. Very interesting day. Oh where shall I begin?

  • Supposed to pick me up at 10am but I knew that wasn't happening - 6 females on time? HA!
  • Finally show up at 10:45 and we're off for our 2hr drive.
  • Follow SS's (step-sister) husband's directions and at the first freeway transfer, we're both frowning. This doesn't seem right - we should be heading away from the mountains. But he's a man and knows his shit...right? So SS still calls him tho and is repeating his written directions - 60 east? East, right? Yes - east damn it!
  • We go east.
  • Until we know he told us fucking wrong. We're in Barstow for fuck's sake - an hour away from our freeway transfer. Get off freeway and she calls him again saying we're in Barstow
  • "Barstow? WTF are you guys doing in Barstow?" "YOU FUCKING TOLD US EAST DIPSHIT!" "Oh, I meant west." I literally see SS implode...then explode.
  • - side note. This is where I am assured again and again that MY obessesive double checking of other people's words is the way to live. I NEVER trust people - in anything. In a fact they are telling me, in anything. I'm always double checking their shit. Even tho Mike is a trucker and knows routes like the back of his hand, I still would have went on the internet myself and looked his shit up. People make mistakes and I make sure I'm not following one, lol. SS's husband is a pencil pusher - why she even took his word as stone is beyond me. She kept repeating that too - WHY didn't I look it up for myself, he always does this shit to me. LOL Why, indeed?
  • We turn around and go back an hour to our freeway transfer and finally head in the right direction. After all the boys via text message are giving us shit - only a truck full of women would keep heading towards the mountains when their destination is the beach. Repeated texts returned of Fuck Off and Die Assholes are sent.
  • Get stuck in traffic most of the rest of the way down now and LA traffic SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. We're starving, we're cranky, we're tired of sitting in the Tahoe for 4hrs now. But we finally get there and find a parking garage.
  • That is far away from where we want to be. SS is a trooper tho and after walking past several hookers and homeless people, we end up where the tourists are supposed to be, lol. I'm sure this is NOT what 5 teenagers were expecting Hollywood to be like.
  • Welcome to the fucking real world, Princesses!
  • The birthday Princess is wanting Mexican food. You know what - just pick a place that we see and be happy with it. Ugh - spoiled children really piss me the fuck off. She's lucky as we see one at the last minute.
  • We eat lunch and birthday Princess is not happy. This wasn't what it was supposed to be like and somehow, she really expects mommy to pull out a magic wand and make it so. She's rude & pouty the rest of the day and, at this point, I think we are there for SS more than the Princess.
  • It was cool to walk on all the stars tho. I got my pic with Kermit the Frog one and then Absolut Vodka "had one" and SS and I bent down and got our pic taken with that one. LOL
  • The girls got their pix taken with several of the impersonators (that all work for tips) and other ones came up to talk to me and Michelle...cuz we're hot like that. *snort* Elmo wouldn't leave us alone and talked to us for quite awhile. He was funny. I mentioned to SS how that would be, that you meet this big black man somewhere and ask what he does for a living and he responds, "I'm Elmo, baby!" LMFAO
  • Leave the garage around 5:30 and can't go the way we come in so we're instantly loss getting back to the freeway. Now we're driving in the parts of LA that 7 white females shouldn't be in. LOL We ask some one on the sidewalk how to get back to the freeway and we are way out of the way but head back in the direction of a street he says (& we saw earlier). SS calls dipshit again and he's no help so once we get to that street, we ask another local...and finally we're homefree.
  • For like 10 seconds because what is worse than LA lunch traffic??? LA evening-going-home-from-work traffic. Oh yeah. Bumper to bumper. Teenagers are cranky, Birthday Princess is bitchy and un-thankful, SS is done already too.
  • And here's me thinking - wtf did you make her stay there? As soon as my kid started complaining in the backseat on the way there, I would have asked her if she wanted to keep going or if there was somewhere else we could go instead? As soon as we got there, she didn't want to be there but SS made us all stay. It was annoying and then especially when SS was grumpy on the way home, I really wondered wtf the point was???
  • When they dropped me off, Mike was out in the garage and he asked how it was and SS went on & on about how much fun the girls had. Is she blind or in denial????!!!! The girls were miserable. Birthday Princess wanted to go to Rodeo Drive and shit!! Ugh.
So, that was my day yesterday. Would I do it again - Hell no. Do I regret it? Very little. I got to see a place I never would have otherwise. I can say I stepped on Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, John Wayne etc etc etc. (I made sure I grounded my heels on Britney Spears). I could have done without getting lost walking & driving (which mostly drives me nuts because she didn't plan anything. I am a planner and I would have found directions out of there as know? And then even for walking around, I would have looked up addresses and stuff.)

Today I have to make more chili for the party we're going to tonight. I'm not sure I have all the ingredients so a trip to the store might be in order. I actually have quite a few things to do today since my day was wasted yesterday (we got home at 8pm instead of 4pm).

I don't know what to do with my hair either. I chopped it and hate it. Really, I do. Or maybe I'm just not comfortable with it yet. I feel...insecure. *SIGH* I gotta find a way to do it that I can rock it. That's my problem. I feel all...goody-two-shoe or nerdy or something. Gah!!!!!

Everyone have a safe night tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't puke in public!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HNT - Early!

Sorry - I won't be around tomorrow or even in a few hours so I need to do this now. Hope you all have a great holiday!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yes, I could have made this bigger so that you could actually see my bits & pieces, but what fun would that have been? *smirk* :D
(It looks like my furniture is black with turquoise, lol. It is all super dark chocolate brown. But I loved the way it came out - I didn't photoshop this at all!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Draped In...

...enter your own word ;)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back in town...

It's morning. Early morning, or it was. I read my faves and now it is, at least, a more respectable hour of 7am. I am looking forward to when I can get up at 6am for work - it means my body will sleep in on the weekends. Right now, not happening. At least I'm not hungover - I thought I would be after Mike making LGBNAF's (Let's get buck naked and fuck). He can make great drinks out of anything - but they're always stronger than you think they are.

My busy season is almost over. No more Saturdays at least. I think next week will still be OT & then it will be back to 8hrs. This season has just been such shit for so many reasons that won't make a lick of sense to anyone. I am highly annoyed at something and it may result in me looking for another job. But in this economy, isn't that scary? I can't afford to start at the bottom again...maybe a rung or two lower but I have to make a certain amount of money to pay the bills. *SIGH* Gives me a headache just thinking and trying to figure it all out so for right now, I am doing nothing & seeing if annoyed situation actually presents itself. No reason putting the cart before the horse, right?

Mike is spending the morning getting & cutting wood. Let me rephrase that in Brandie language - Mike is spending the morning wasting $200 on wood. We live in So Cal & the fireplace is more of a decorative item. Sure, I enjoy a fire but we don't have $200 extra for fucking wood. We use the heater, we pay for the heater. It's not like we're NOT going to use the heater and use the fireplace to heat up the house instead. Grrrr...can you tell I'm mad about this? That $200 could (& needed) to go towards Christmas presents, or bills! Not wood *rolls eyes* but it was something he still did knowing how I felt about it. He's going to regret tho, he'll see. And yes, I'm childish enough to then go "I told you so". /end Mike rant.

Our Thanksgiving was really good. We declined all the invites and relished being hermits. Our single/no family out here neighbor (who is actually one of Mike's best friends) came over. We injected the turkey with jalapeno butter stuff and put it in the rotissere. OMG that shit was sooo good & juicy! I made sour cream & garlic mashed potatoes and a green bean casserole. But not the mushroom soup kind - that stuff looks like an elephant snotted all over it and literally makes me gag. Try this recipe (even just on a normal dinner night):

Take casserole dish and soften a brick of cream cheese (or half if you're only feeding a small group. You want enough to coat the green beans like the normal mushroom recipe). I just put it in the microwave for a few. Add about 2-4tbl of butter too (I just slap some in there). Add your green beans and mix it up. Add salt & pepper. Smooth evenly in your dish.

(Optional is adding grilled onions at this point too - diced or however you want them in the dish. They add a great flavor!)

Cover with foil & pop in the 350 oven for like 20 minutes or so - you want it to start bubbling so that you know it's nice & hot and melted. Then pull out.

Uncover and top with mozzarella cheese and then those French's Fried Onions. Then another layer of the mozzarella cheese and pop it back under the broiler (uncovered) until it starts getting brown.

To die for, I tell ya. It's all creamy & cheesy and crispy. Oh yum! I think I will have some for lunch, lol.

We took the Christmas decorations down from the garage rafters last night & I think I will start the inside of the house later today while Mike takes care of the outside. It's a chore tho - I always feel like I'm moving. Take the year 'round stuff and wrap it up and put it in the boxed that the Xmas decorations came out of. But it's so pretty to see the inside all snowmaned out. ;)

I should hop in the shower and start my day. At least now I know I will be on here more. Yay for the end of my busy season!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Help or support needed

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been here. My life-slash-work is so hectic right now I can barely fart, let alone find time to come here and write. I need it tho *sigh*

Anyway, The O'Toole's are family friends. What isn't said here is that this man killed their last puppy too right in their own backyard. There just weren't any witnesses. And I guess his daughter is known for running up to neighbor's houses for safety from him. I remember them telling us about this crazy man that no one could do anything about because he was some uppity Fire Dude. I can't believe the poor puppy - she was beautiful!

It's been on the news since last night. Please go comment and show your support - even fellow fightfighters can't stand him & have placed comments. If you know me, you know animals are my world and if he did this to any of my animals, I'm quite sure I'd kill him. Ineed to mention to Heather that she should find out where his past residencies were & see if there were any similar incidences. The guy's family is in politics and has something to do with a past mayor or this point, I don't have all those facts, but what is known is that sooooo many people have complained about this guy and he still has a job. Fuck him!!!

Does anyone know of anything more we can do? Or who we can get involved for more coverage??? Anyways, at least go post a comment...we can't let him do this to another animal. What's next, someone's child?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

True dat!

The Bolded are true

- I am 5'4 or shorter.
- I think I'm ugly.
- I have many scars.
- I tan easily.
- I wish my hair was a different color.
- I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
- I have a tattoo.
- I am self-conscious about my appearance.
- I have/I've had braces.
- I wear glasses. (for night driving)
- I'd get/have gotten plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free, scar-free.
- I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger.
- I have had more than 2 piercings.
- I have had piercings in places besides my ears.
- I have freckles.

Family/Home Life:
- I've sworn at my parents.
- I've run away from home.
- I've been kicked out of the house.
- My biological parents are together.
- I have a sibling less than one year old.
- I want to have kids someday.
- I have children.
- I've lost a child.

- I've slipped out a "LOL" in a spoken conversation.
- Disney movies still make me cry.
- I've snorted while laughing.
- I've laughed so hard I've cried.
- I've glued my hand to something.
- I've laughed till some kind of beverage came out of my nose.
- I've had my trousers rip in public.

- I was born with a disease/impairment.
- I've had stitches.
- I've broken a bone.
- I've had my tonsils removed.
- I've sat in a doctor's office with a friend.
- I've had my wisdom teeth removed.
- I've had serious surgery.
- I've had chicken pox.

- I've driven over 200 miles in one day.
- I've been on a plane.
- I've been to Canada.
- I've been to Niagara Falls.
- I've been to Japan.
- I've been to Europe.
- I've been to Africa.

- I've been lost in my city.
- I've seen a shooting star.
- I've wished on a shooting star.
- I've seen a meteor shower.
- I've gone out in public in my pajamas.
- I've pushed all the buttons in a lift.
- I've been to a casino.
- I've been skydiving.
- I've gone skinny dipping.
- I've played spin the bottle.
- I've crashed a car.
- I've been skiing.
- I've been in a play.
- I've met someone in person from the Internet.
- I've caught a snowflake on my tongue.
- I've seen the Northern Lights.
- I've sat on a roof top at night.
- I've played chicken.
- I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
- I've eaten Sushi.
- I've been snowboarding.

- I'm single.
- I'm in a relationship.
- I'm available.
- I'm engaged
- I'm married.
- I've gone on a blind date.
- I've been the dumpee more than the dumper.
- I have a fear of abandonment.
- I've been divorced.
- I've had feelings for someone who didn't have them back.
- I've told someone I loved them when I didn't.
- I've told someone I didn't love them when I did.
- I've kept something from a past relationship.

- I've had a crush on someone of the same gender.
- I've kissed a member of the same gender.
- I've had sex with someone of the opposite gender.
- I've had sex with someone of the same gender.
- I've had sex with more than one person at the same time.
- I am a cuddler.
- I've been kissed in the rain.
- I've had sex outdoors.
- I've hugged a stranger.
- I have kissed a stranger.
- I have had sex with a stranger.

- I've done something I promised someone else I wouldn't.
- I've done something I promised myself I wouldn't.
- I have lied to my parents about where I am.
- I am keeping a secret from the world.
- I've cheated while playing a game.
- I've cheated on a test.
- I've driven through a red light (not on purpose)
- I've witnessed a crime.
- I've been in a fist fight.
- I've been arrested.
- I've shoplifted.

- I've consumed alcohol.
- I smoke cigarettes.
- I smoke pot.
- I regularly drink.
- I've taken painkillers when I didn't need them.
- I've taken cough medicine when i wasn't sick.
- I've done hard drugs.
- I've been addicted to an illegal substance.
- I can't swallow pills.
- I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem.

Mental health:
- I have been diagnosed with depression.
- I shut others out when I'm depressed.
- I take anti-depressants.
- I have had an eating disorder.
- I've slept an entire day when I didn't need it.
- I've hurt myself on purpose.
- I'm addicted to self harm.
- I've woken up crying.

- I'm afraid of dying.
- I hate funerals.
- I've seen someone dying.
- I have attempted suicide.
- Someone close to me has attempted suicide.
- Someone close to me has committed suicide.

- I can sing well.
- I've stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant.
- I open up to others too easily.
- I watch the news.
- I don't kill bugs.
- I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for sake of being able to rhyme.
- I fucking swear regularly.
- I am a morning person.
- I paid for my mobile phone ring tone.
- I'm a snob about grammar.
- I am a sports fanatic.
- I play with my hair.
- I have/had "x"s in my screen name.
- I love being neat.
- I love Spam.
- I've copied more than 30 CD's in a day.
- I bake well.
- I don't know how to shoot a gun.
- I am in love with love.
- I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
- I laugh at my own jokes.
- I eat fast food weekly.
- I believe in ghosts.
- I am online 24/7, even as an away message.
- I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
- I am really ticklish.
- I love white chocolate.
- I bite my nails.
- I play video games.
- I'm good at remembering faces.
- I'm good at remembering names.
- I'm good at remembering dates.
- I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.
- My answers are totally honest...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

HNT - She's got legs...

My busy season has started at work. I'll keep trying to do HNTs, at least :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday

You find a fairy. With a wave of their wand they can change anything for you.

What is the one thing you would change about your body? Saddlebags!!! Go away, stupid shitheads!

What is the one personality trait you would change? I'd be more 'bubbly'.

What is the one thing about your job you would change? The way it is either feast or famine - I'd make it normal all year long.

What is the one thing about your home you would change? Make it bigger so WAM would have her own section.

What is the one thing about your Significant Other you would change? More dominate in bed.

Who is the one person you would poof out of your life and why? It depends on my mood & time of my life, lol.

Who is the one person you would poof back in and why? My grandpas - I miss them. *Waves up in the air*

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HNT - Well...

The Man's tests came back ok for his liver, but there's a polyp on his gall bladder...testing next week :) Yay - he can drink again!


Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The grass is greener where you water it.

My little doggy didn't want us to leave to go visit Vixen. :(

Oh man, what a week. I had all sorts of plans to do MM, TMI, HHD and Weird Wednesday (to be my first!) and then didn't make the time.

This past Monday was my first Monday back from taking Mondays off in July. (That was a lot of Mondays in that sentence!) That same afternoon after work, The Man got a call from his Dr about his blood results.

He has, for quite some time now, been feeling not so hot. But kept putting it off like most men do. Finally, I pretty much made him go. I was tired of him talking about it. He's never even had his cholesterol #s checked or anything and with his family history, I thought it about time to figure out his health.

Well, his liver enzymes are high. He had to go back the next day & draw more blood for hepatitis tests. He goes in this Saturday for a liver MRI/scan/whatever. We will hopefully find out the hepatitis results tomorrow.
And that's not even the cardiologist yet. His family heart history is horrible (grandpa died of a heart attack and all his uncles have had one) so he goes to that consultation visit on the 28th. He works out all the time and has no problem with it so I'm not sure if the stress test will reveal anything, but he complains about shortness of breath just doing normal things. I don't know...

Anyway - my absence is because The Man is not used to health issues regarding him. They are always me so this is throwing him for a loop. I haven't been Mother Henning him to death, but am by his side as a distraction (I remember when I went thru my cancer scare and how freaked out I got even tho I never thought I would react that way. I had pre-cancerous cells removed and that was enough!). To divert his mind when I see him start to ponder.

Biker Dude stopped by the liquor store to pick him up a liter of Pepsi and a 6-pk of O'Douls, lol.

I was supposed to go to that bachelorette party tomorrow night but am now skipping it. Originally because of no dinero, but now - even if I did, I'm not sure I would. I think he wants me to go with him and Saturday's appt is at 8am. Bleah! That will still be unpleasant with me waking up sober!

K - if you read this, I'm not sure what he told T, but he hasn't told anyone yet. Not even his parents or my mom. Seeing how T's mom saw my mom last night...could be out of the bag if T mentioned it to anyone else. You know how that works. LOL
In other random news, my boss is out of town so today & tomorrow are lax days. I have some new people starting Monday. The Season hath arrived! I hope they're not idiots. You'd be surprised at what I get.

"Ummm...SR...."says the 6'1 late twenties dude as he comes up to me in my office almost an hour late. I just looked up at him. He had just been warned about his tardiness and written up. He was so much not-more than this and we were looking for a legit reason to can his ass. He seemed to hem & haw and I just knew the lamest excuse was going to come out of that worthless smile.

I had no idea ~~~~>"Ummm...I had an accident on the way to work and had to pull over and, ummm...I don't know how to say this...uummmm...I, uh, had to pull over and throw my shorts away. *Ahem* And I just got here but had another...ummmm...accident. I need to go home." All I could say was ok but, inwardly, all I could register was that this grown adult (ha!) had just told me face to face that he shit his pants, not once, but twice. And as we spoke, had a shitload residing between said sorry ass.

Or the girl who called me to tell me wouldn't be coming in because she started her period and was 'bleeding all other the place' and while she could maybe try coming in, she doubted I wanted her 'red tide possibly pouring out everywhere.'

Can't people just tell me they have food poisoning (we all know what that means) or cramps (again, we all know what that means) or the flu or a headcold? I don't need to know details. I don't care about details! You're not here, you're not here.
/end rant & off to start laundry. Oh joy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HHD - I love the things that you aren't.

Hump Day, bitches!

I am still trying to play catch-up from returning from CO. It's hard when your work drive is so long. Oh well - mama needs new shoes *wink*. OK, well - mama needs to pay bills first so that she can get new shoes.

Speaking of long drives, this is when I do most of my thinking. I have nothing else to do so my brain relishes the 'come out & play' time in the late afternoon/early evening. (It's still half asleep in frog pajamas in the morning.) Sometimes, I think about bills or what The Man is doing or how much fun The Man is having while I sit in traffic. Others it is about something exciting coming up or choices I have to decide upon. But its favorite thing to do is just...think. About different perspectives. It makes the brain more active, I think. Like:

  • Everyone focuses on why they love something about someone. How about my title? I love The Man because he's not an asshole (for the most part), he's not a child-molester, he's not a wall-flower, he's not serious. But I like my job because it's not formal dress, it's not minimum wage, it doesn't have to deal with the public. Yay!

  • Have you ever thought about ice-skating...on the other side of the ice?

  • Isn't that a stupid saying about wanting your cake and eating it too? Why else would you want your cake?!

  • Why can't there be God and reincarnation and Karma and Mother Nature - all at the same time? Like, say you die and you get a choice! Do you want to go to Heaven or do you want come back as a dog or just hang out as a ghost?

  • We are ALL friendly with the skeletons in our closet whether we acknowledge it or not. The difference is that a few people hold the key, others throw it as far away as possible, and still, some of us never lock the damn thing in the first place.

  • Seriously, why aren't you having fun in life? As long as you aren't hurting someone else - what's the point of having the perfect body or hair or skin or digestive tract when it's just going to rot in a coffin anyway? Seriously.

  • I've realized that sometimes you have to be un-true to yourself in order to be kind to others. I'm ok with that. I can step down from my soapbox if it means making someone feel better that needs it.

  • Why do people freak out at cuss words? They are just words. Some guy made them up. I think (insert your higher Being here) cares more about the emotion behind the words. I tell Cerveza all the time, "I love you, you little fucker!" Am I going to Hell for that? Do I need to repent? I think not. What I think I need to ask forgiveness for is if I said to The Man, "You chair!" with all the hate in my words. With the intention of hurting his feelings. Think about it. Some dude came up with fucker and deemed it bad and now it's the worse word you can say - just because some person said so. What gave him the right? NOTHING!

Anyway - my alone time has ran out. Have a great Wednesday, you shitheads. :P

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday

1. What is your definition of romantic? Being selfless in an action towards someone else and focusing on their, & only their, desires.
2. Would you consider yourself to be romantic? Probably not. I think it, but I never follow thru.
3. Is your significant other romantic? Sometimes. But I can't complain unless I step it up too.
4. Have you ever chastised a SO for not being romantic enough or too romantic? No. I don't want to have to force them to be romantic because then it isn't.
5. What do you consider a grand romantic gesture? Have you ever been the recipient or giver of one? See #1. Something I remember that really caught my heart and I repeat this story all the time is this one time he gave me an anniversary card. It was all poofy, like something was in with the card. When I opened it up, there was a package of my FAVORITE brand of beef jerky that can be hard to find. He really took the time to do something that was ME, instead of using the old stand-by: flowers.
6. If you have done something romantic to get laid, did it work? If not, why and how did that affect your romantic tendencies in the past. No, I don't think being romantic is about getting laid. That would make it very un-romantic.
7. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Had done for you? I can't remember something I di. But see #5 for the other.

Monday, August 4, 2008


So. This is my story about our time with PC & Vixen.

When we were on our way to baggage claim, we were kidnapped and made to go thru Del Taco and forced to eat yummy food. It was really a traumatic experience, let me tell you! Vixen ripped open the green burrito wrapper and smashed it down my throat yelling, "Eat that, bitch!" and I had to swallow big chunks of food without chewing it properly. This caused my throat to swell and I could hardly talk. I think my larynx is permanently least that is what my Dr told me.

They engaged the childproof system on the rear doors so we couldn't escape, because, believe me - I would have jumped out if I could even with the car going. I've done it before!

But anyway, they took us to their house and forced us to drink some beers with them. They were treating us nice and all, like family. The kids were all over us and laughing and wanting to hang out with us but then they had to go to bed. PC & Vixen made us stay up really late and then dragged us to the spare room where they threw us, and all of our shit, into and then locked the door! We had no choice but to go to bed. I didn't know whether to cry or not - I was just so confused but decided to snuggle down into the comfy bed and sleep bundled up in blankies, watching TV while I fell asleep. All nice and cool too.

In the morning, they banged on the door and demanded for us to come out. Vixen made some breakfast - I think it was like dogfood and chicken feed mixed up, I couldn't tell. Oh wait, I remember now. It was bacon and eggs. I can't tell sometimes.

Then they told us to go to the rehearsal with them. I bet if Vixen could have put a collar around my neck, she would have. She's so mean and told me where to walk and with what guy. I felt really uncomfortable with him too. Because you know that one incident that happened to me while I was in India - do you all remember that? I was really terrified. With my scarred larynx and all, I couldn't call for help so I just did what I was told because I was afraid. I don't think all the other people around us could have helped me. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure I can come up with something later. I'm good at that.

Then, she forced me to pick a room. Even tho I got first dibs, I'm positive it's out of maliciousness, but like I said, I couldn't do anything but what she wanted. So I smiled and laughed and accepted the room she had paid for.

Friday night we went to dinner. I didn't have a choice to go or not. I mean, there was food in the house and all and I could have stayed home, but they forced me to go and what was I to do!!?? We went and I met a bunch of family. I looked at the menu and found the most expensive food and drink on it and ordered it. What did I care - I wasn't paying for it?! Dinner was awesome & everyone else...wait, what's the word?...thanked (?) PC & Vixen. I'm not sure why though.

The wedding day was somewhat the same - me following her around and doing whatever she demanded. She asked me my opinions but still, I had no choice. She paid for everything! The ceremony was filled with all of their friends and I felt like an outcast even tho everyone treated me really nice & friendly. I think they did anyway...I'm not sure yet. Depending on who asks me later, I'll decide which it is. OK? OK.

Anyway - the weekend was fun and all. I had a great time there and they paid for everything and treated us awesomely but I still feel...I dunno. Like we were pets or something. Do you understand what I mean? Don't you think so too? I mean, after reading all that I wrote?

Awww...lookee all the little birdies! Reality bites those that lie about it. Obviously, this only makes sense to a few people. It's a little wedding present I promised her. The truth of the matter is that we had an awesome time, like normal people. It was great meeting and hanging out and getting drunk with Os and the rest of their friends. I miss them all already. I can't really post a lot of pix because there are faces of people who did not consent - you will have to see most of them on her site when she puts them up.

You don't understand how HOT it was when we were trying to do this. The power went off at the B&B earlier and the A/C never had a chance to catch up. I swear it was over 110 in here!
The Man has no shame. Yes, he is 'smackin' dat ass' there. And yes, his shirt is part of the plan. I'm not married to gigolo. I swear!



I am downloading all the pictures now, so there will be a separate post with all the pix later.

First of all, the weekend was soooo much fun!!! We had a such a good time with Vixen & PC (not that I would have expected anything different, but they were getting married in 2 days!!). I loved seeing the animals again & meeting all the new ones and certainly, seeing the kids again - and meeting the new ones *snort*.

I can't believe what a little woman her daughter is. I love her to death, but I always have even when she was a teeny non-talking baby. And her son is a cutie pie (although at one point, he stayed in his room awhile because 'he was mad at *insert my name here*' because of something he did that wasn't very nice and I called him on it when Vix wasn't around and he didn't like it. *snort**snort*. It was short lived and he was back to his happy little self in no time.) who just seems to love life :) I also had the pleasure of meeting PC's son who is equally cute and quite the gentleman with a gentle soul as well. They were all very well behaved and a treat to be around.

I think we brought the heat with us tho. On Friday, it was 105 and a little muggy. Just like at home - I didn't feel like I had left So Cal, lol.

The ceremony was beautiful. I can't really say a lot without the pictures so I will save all that until then.

Yesterday, there were some thunderstorms and I remember Vix saying in the past that they shut down the airport when that happens, but was just hoping it wasn't around that area. We get dropped off at the airport and go sit in our area and see that the plane is delayed 20 minutes. No big deal. But then she comes over the loudspeaker that the airport had been shut down due to the weather so all flights in & out were behind schedule & that our plane from AZ wasn't going to be in until 6:30 - putting us an hour & a half behind schedule. Bleah - but what can you do??

We finally see the plane come in and people getting off and...end up getting behind another half hour because one of the stewardesses that was supposed to be on with us was on a plane that hadn't came in yet either so they had to hunt around for another one.

We were supposed to have arrived at 7:15pm but didn't land until 8:30. Go down to wait for our luggage forever and The Man's never comes out. Fuck. It has both of our stuff in it, but luckily, just clothes. So we we head over to the guy and he keys in the luggage number and he sees it has a flag on it. *Ahem* It got left behind and they put it on the next flight over that was supposed to land at 11pm. UGH. They are going to deliver it today before noon at my cousin's house (they won't deliver to my house - it's in a different county) and I will pick it up tomorrow after work on my way home.

OK. Got all that? So, we head to the car and I see this note-looking thing on my car and freak out that someone has hit it. LOL - just an advertisement piece. Load it all up and head to the gate. The lady is doesn't acknowledge us. The Man greets her and she slowly turns around, and in a Quaalude induced type of state, says "Ah - hello". *rolls eyes* The Man hands her a credit card and she asks if we have another one. Huh? It's a brand new card with plenty of credit still on it, but whatever. He hands her the bank card. Same thing. Mike looks at her and asks if she's sure her card thing is working because BOTH of those cards have plenty of money. The whole time she is moving as slow as molasses on a winter day & I'm already feeling bad for the people who are behind us because, really, how long does it usually take to get thru the gates?? Less than 2 minutes! So, she calls the neighboring stall and asks if she can run this credit card because hers doesn't seem to be working and, oh my goodness, it clears!!! She still takes forever to print it out and hand it over to The Man for his signature. The Man then says it is NOT our night. I tell him to keep his mouth shut, we're almost 2hrs from home yet, lol.

Oh - the SHITTY part about the whole night tho??? Let's recap, shall we?
  • Flight delayed because of weather
  • Flight further delayed because of missing flight attendant
  • Flying absolutely sober for the first time ever
  • Home bound even further delayed because you're waiting for a piece of fucking luggage that isn't even there
  • Parking gate attendant is slower than a constipated 4 month old trying to take a shit
  • Parking gate attendant's card machine doesn't work

Paying $90 in parking fees!!! Priceless!

Holy shit. Wasn't expecting that one. That's $22.50 a day people. *chokes*

One the way home, we kept finding mosquito bites from the wedding night (we all got eaten alive) and I counted 12 on me. The Man has about 12 on each knee - they look REALLY distorted, lol. We finally crawled in bed around 11:30. The Man got up at 4am and went to work. He gets to leave a little early today tho because of a Drs appt.

My day will be spent investigating why a $500 deposit bounced & cost me $12. Laundry was planned, but all the dirty clothes are in The Man's bag so there isn't any. Unloading my luggage bag. Pictures.

Despite the night, we had a great time and would do it all over again. It was just challenging to get home, lol.

OK - I'm gonna download those pictures now!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

HNT - Owned

So, I've been sick that past 3 days - just in time to get on a plane and go to a wedding. Splendid! I am feeling much better tho, thankfully. No more sore throat - yay!

I'm pretty much packed and ready to go. The Man still has to do his - he's a guy tho and just takes a few minutes. I started a few days ago, lol.

Without further ado, what you all came here for:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mute Monday - Brands

HA - I stayed away from posting anything Betsey Johnson because Vixen did her whole thing on it, lol. These are a few brands I think are known right away from site by most people.
This weekend The Man added rope lighting to the gazebo thing and did some other household tinkering. We had a BBQ Saturday night and enjoyed friends in the cool night (it's finally been a little cooler at night - like after 8pm - to where you can sit outside and relax).
Wierd Ass Mom had a redneck party to go to so I decked her out as best we could. She doesn't have any redneck clothing so we opted to go the redneck cougar route. She ended up looking really good, lol.
Yesterday, we watched Thank You For Not Smoking (loved it) and then went to Walgreen's and came back and lazed around the house. Went swimming for a little bit in the afternoon & that was it.
I only have a 2 day work week this week. Thursday, we'll take our time getting up & then head down to San Diego, stopping at my work along the way to pick up my paycheck and deposit it before getting to the airport. We have to be there 2hrs before our plane leaves & with that airport, you'd better be. Our plane leaves at 4:30 and gets in Denver at their 8pm (our 7pm). It's never taken 2.5 hours to get there before, so hopefully, it'll be the same. More like 2hrs.
Can't wait to spend a crazy weekend with Vixen and PC during their wedding!
Today - I had motivated plans of going to the mall looking for a bachelorette party top for the 15th, but now I'm not so sure. I need to start packing and planning shit for this weekend too.
Off to see the wizard - you all have a good day ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HNT - BJ Shoes

No, you dirty pervs. I know what you're thinking too. But they're Betsey Johnson shoes, not...ummm...not that. Wouldn't that be cool tho? BJ shoes? Strap 'em on & they do all the work for you?!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Happy Humpalicious Day!

So I was invited to a bachelorette party and it doesn't say much but a residence to show up with, dress 'downtown dressy' & bring 'ID & $35'. That kinda torques me. This party is being thrown by two girls and it's my understanding that the hostess should by throwing this - as in paying for it. Now - if that $35 is for a limo to cart our asses around the roads, so be it, I am fine with that, but don't you think they should have said that? I will be pissed if my $35 just goes into those girls' pockets & it doesn't go towards something that benefits me.

You guys want a stripper - you pay for it.
You want party favors or food - you pay for it (unless we go to dinner, then *I* will pay for my own, which will NOT total $35)

I don't know - I work hard for my money (you all just sang that sentence, you know it!) and it's not to go towards something I don't approve of. It's not 'til the 15th.

The Man and I did got a gazebo thing for our patio and then spent all day yesterday driving around different places hutning for patio furniture. I was PMSing so it wasn't a fun experience. We were just like oil & water. He'd say right just because I said left and it was really pissing me off, lol. Then I came up with brilliant idea of getting pots and filling those up with cement to keep it from getting blown away. I wanted something decorative, you know? Yeah, well - it was HARD to find something that I liked that wasn't $40 a fucking pot, not to mention the fact that no one carries FOUR of the same pot (I had to do 2 & 2). UGH!!

But here is the almost finished results (oops - I just saw that I forgot to push that one ottoman cushion all the way down. Oh well...):

Now I'm going to get my book, grab a beer and go out and enjoy my rewards ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mute Monday - Science

This is Molly - the bottom of her 'hoof' has a smiley face so that where ever she goes, she leaves a happy trail ;)

Robotic horse, cool!

I love me my Dexter!



Saturday, July 19, 2008

*Rolls eyes*

Did you hear that?
*Meow* *Meow**Meow*
Yep - I sure did. If you don't yet, I'm sure you will soon. Don't pay it any attention - it's just the...copy cat running around.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ack! My choo-choo-vega saw the light!

The Man and I were talking about how rather than having jet lag, we have vacation lag. *SIGH* A whole week off does things to your ambitious side and let's just say that side hasn't kicked in for either of us yet. I'm sure that when it does, we'll be off to CO for Vixen's wedding and we'll have to start all over again, lol.

I finally started a Flickr account and just got done fiddling around with it. I need a avatar dude. I think Vixen is working on one for me. She said she had the perfect one in mind so I'm not about to waste my time (I can get so obsessed with making cool things in PhotoShop, lol) if she's already started. Woohoo for me!

Tomorrow night we're going to dinner with my boss out at one of the wineries. He is an elite member (or whatever) and it's a release party so we get to try some expensive dinero wine. And a free dinner. And an opportunity to get all dolled up. How could I say no like The Man wanted me to??? My boss has been bugging me for awhile now and there's only so many times I can come up with lame excuses for declining. Plus, it irritates me that The Man becomes such A Pill over these rare & few in between affairs because he always has a great time. I think it's just getting his ass in gear to do something different from the usual hanging out with friends & drinking. Talk about lazy.

I have been on the Rachel Ray with dinners this week. I made taco pizza, skillet chicken pot pie, boneless pork chops marinated in herbs & garlic with asparagus and quartered red potatoes seasoned with garlic pepper, sea salt & lemon pepper - all cooked out on the grill. Oh yum! The Man got up early and put the pot roast in the crock pot (he has his secret recipe) and I'm going to shred it up and make open faced sandwiches on french rolls. Put sauteed onions and bell peppers on top, then swiss cheese & under the broiler it goes. My house smells Heavenly at the moment!! Vixen would lurve it. LOL

I have to go to the mall this weekend too. The Man needs a shirt and I need a dress to wear to Vixen's rehearsal dinner. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for - I'm open so I hope I find something I like - that's not a heart attack to my checkbook, you know??

Fuck - the stupid midgets have eaten 3 pairs of my panties this week!! WTF? Cerveza pulls them thru the hamper holes (I know!) even when I stuff in my pant leg or on the side that's up against the wall. Little Siegfried and Roy mother fucker. Then Abbie destroys them. Cerveza doesn't wreck them - I'd just grab them & throw them in the wash, but noooo...she has to go all Courtney Love on them. I'm going to Target this weekend too and getting a solid hamper. Assholes. Sick of it.

I keep forgetting to contact my grandma to see if she wants to do lunch one day during the week. She's going to write my ass out of the will if I keep that up. If she hasn't already.

Oh fuck! I took a digger at work today. Thank F'ing God that no one saw me. I'm wearing a jean skirt too. See, whatta happen was...(we always say that when we're about to tell a story - you gotta add a down-south bayou accent to it) I'm wearing these wedge flip-flops and I apparently stepped on the side of it instead of coming straight down and twisty goes my ankle!

So, I know I'm going down & try to catch myself but that just ends up fucking me up worse. I land on my knee and wrist at the same time, then *oomph* goes my tummy, other arm, face. Rug burns on my knee and elbows. Skirt up around my waist showing the world my baby maker. *DIES* I laughed and hopped right the fuck back up because anyone could be coming around the corner at any time. Oh shit. My wrist and ankle hurt a little but they're ok now. Probably the funniest thing any one's seen in a long time if they had seen it. Sorta makes me sad no one did see it.

Well, it's way past beer-thirty and I'm way past due for one. Have a good Friday night!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday

1. What were you known as in HS (Jock, Princess, Geek)? I was nothing. I partied with people the year above me and then below me (my brother's class). I guess my year probably didn't even notice me - they were a bunch of goody-two-shoes. My brother's class was the FUN one so we partied.
2. What were you really? I was super skinny. People thought I was anorexic but I ate like a pig.
3. If you could go back and tell your 16 year old self one thing, what would it be? Don't waste your time with the surfer guy. M.e.n.t.a.l issues on his part. It was Hell.
4. If you could erase one moment from your school days what would it be? I have a lot to choose from, lol. I hated school. It was boring and unchallenging for me. I finished early but was required to stay all 4yrs. My senior year consisted of a creative writing class, an art class & the last one I helped out in the office (read: stole off campus passes & sold them for $5) before I left at lunch.
5. Who did you not date (or more) that you wish you did? Ha! I had a crush on Jeremy Simpson. A twin. The cuter one.
Bonus (as in optional): If you went to prom, describe your outfit. I went to two. Mine and then my boyfriend's at the time. Shit, I can't even remember what I wore to the first one, but the second one was so '80's style. It was this peach satin skirt and the top was peach with white polka dots.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Who's the ho? Idaho!

Well, Idaho in the summer time is really...normal. Besides only seeing white people and the normal state differences (license plates etc etc) it wasn't that big of a change. The weather was awesome (mid 80's compared to the low 100's here was SUPER refreshing) and lots of CA friends were already there (either visiting too or had moved up there) that it didn't seem we were so far away from our own town. It was oddly strange.

The Man's buddy was surprised, but he knew something was up. After he left for work, his wife went about to making our beds (air mattresses in the den) and he had forgotten something & came back home & caught her, lol. Tuesday was really fun - like old times here. The rest of the week was just relaxing. They both had to work. I think The Man would move there in a heartbeat if it didn't snow. Like thousands of others would, I'm sure, lol.

It is a different lifestyle up there, for sure. People are...slow. And friendly. They talk to you! They start conversations with you! They smile at you! CA is a very un-friendly state, lol. I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode. Doh! And gas prices are a lot cheaper and so is the tax. We got groceries and the tax was only $2.80! And while the cheapest gas here wavers around $4.50, up there it was $3.89. *SIGH*

Two of their friends were major porn stars. It was funny knowing that while having dinner with them. I'm not sure if they knew we knew. One, she still strips and just screams "Crazy-ass bitch" (she's nice, not that mental crazy type, but Hell raising type crazy). But we came home & googled each of them & watched them in action *snort*. They left CA to leave that behind them & start fresh (one is married).

Today is spent taking the dogs to the vet to get their shots updated & get their licenses renewed. Riverside county does this thing every few years of going around & putting notices on doors and you call & have them come back to prove you licensed your dog. PITA, but it's not something I can ignore. I can never remember when Cerveza's license is up (what month - it's a yearly thing) so he might still be ok, but I doubt it since I got the vet reminder card.

Here's a survey Vixen tagged my ass with ;)
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.
So….here goes.
1) I am a very open-minded person, as in I accept lots of different things, but I have my own STRONG opinions. If that makes sense. I hate certain things in people, but I won't be rude to you because of it. I won't NOT be your friend because of it. Does that make sense?
2) I used to be pitifully shy. I got tired of it & started forcing myself to be more confident. Challenging myself to do things that made me uncomfortable. I still do to this day. I could very easily be a hermit somewhere. It's a constant battle within myself. I'm not a people person. Hole me up somewhere with a shit load of animals & I'm ecstatic.
3) I don't do small talk. 'Gabby' people annoy me. Stop talking already! Enjoy the silence, lol! Really, in social situations, I will keep up the conversation, but you can definitely tell when I want out or don't want to be dragged in. I don't need to fill the air between us with senseless chatter.
4) (Like Vixen I hate talking on the phone too, but I'll pick something else here, lol) It fucking bugs the ever-living shit out of me when someone is in my kitchen while I'm cooking. Get out!! Get out, get out, get out!!! And you want to see me run to the bedroom to scream or I'll deck you upside the face?? Dip your nasty ass fingers in what I'm making to take a taste! OMG - The Man's dad does this and he grosses me out as a person anyway so you can imagine my ire being irked when he licks the spoon and puts it back in!! OMFG OMFG OMFG I feel like throwing it out & starting it all over again. Sit your FAT ASS down and wait until dinner is done - you have enough layers on you that you won't starve!
5) One night stands are a fetish of mine...before I was married. It was a different life time ago.
6) Stupid people really bother me. I realize this is a loaded opinion because one man's stupid is another's genius, but what the fuck happened to common sense? Don't people have it anymore?? Do people just not think anymore?

I probably should have waited later in the day to answer these questions and I could have came up with better ones. You can, obviously, tell that I'm annoyed right now. LMFAO Sorry about that. Off to do laundry & shit!

Monday, July 7, 2008

MM - Patriotism

Sorry, didn't think I would have time to do this today, but I have about an hour of alone/free time so there you go. I won't be around the rest of the week but don't forget to stop by next week!

While I have some free time, I might as well write too. Two of my friends who have blogs are having sorta the same problem and it's one I just.don't.get. They're being left rude anon comments that are hurtful & spiteful. I thought, long ago when I first got into computers & on-line conversations, that it is was incredibly stupid and immature and a huge reflection of one's character to type something on a screen that you would not say to some one's face. And you can puff up your chest and say all you want that you would say this or that to their face, but I'm calling bull-fucking-shit on that one. Bullshit. Some things; yes, but something really rude (you all know what I mean) you so would not. You'd be an asshole.

I believe that if you really would, you would sign your name to that fucking comment & own up to it. Face your repercussions from the other person. Just as if you would say that to their face, you pretty much realize it could end up in a fight. Plus, you wouldn't say that comment to their face with a bag over your head so they couldn't tell who said it, now would you??

That's pretty much what you just did leaving that anon note, dumbass. You just proved to the world and to the person you left the note to, that you are a coward of the biggest kind. You are a pussy, you - in some way - are jealous of them, you are scared of them and that your momma just didn't raise you right.

If she had, you would have remembered these 'in a social situation' tips (I'm not talking about thoughts in your head. Good Lord, we all have our opinions, they just don't need to aired out to purposely hurt someone):
  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated
  • You never know the whole story of some one's life
  • Don't judge others
  • Be open minded
  • What goes around, comes around
  • Karma's a bitch
  • Other people remember the nice people. They want to be around them, they want to do things for them, they respect them.

I think the girls who had this happen to them need to brush it off and stand upright and forget about these pussies who aren't worth their time or effort. Move on & ignore the stalkers - take away their ammunition. They'll get bored. That or play back. Humour & indifference are disarming weapons.

*Steps down from soapbox* I'm off to Idaho before the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow morning. See you all next week!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HNT - Polka .

I did a series because I highly doubt I will be able to post anything next week when I'm in Idaho.