Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I walked on dead stars, dude!

So...after a last minute decision, yesterday I went to Hollywood with my step-sister, her 17yo daughter (whose birthday it was and this is where she wanted to go) and four of her friends. Very interesting day. Oh where shall I begin?

  • Supposed to pick me up at 10am but I knew that wasn't happening - 6 females on time? HA!
  • Finally show up at 10:45 and we're off for our 2hr drive.
  • Follow SS's (step-sister) husband's directions and at the first freeway transfer, we're both frowning. This doesn't seem right - we should be heading away from the mountains. But he's a man and knows his shit...right? So SS still calls him tho and is repeating his written directions - 60 east? East, right? Yes - east damn it!
  • We go east.
  • Until we know he told us fucking wrong. We're in Barstow for fuck's sake - an hour away from our freeway transfer. Get off freeway and she calls him again saying we're in Barstow
  • "Barstow? WTF are you guys doing in Barstow?" "YOU FUCKING TOLD US EAST DIPSHIT!" "Oh, I meant west." I literally see SS implode...then explode.
  • - side note. This is where I am assured again and again that MY obessesive double checking of other people's words is the way to live. I NEVER trust people - in anything. In a fact they are telling me, in anything. I'm always double checking their shit. Even tho Mike is a trucker and knows routes like the back of his hand, I still would have went on the internet myself and looked his shit up. People make mistakes and I make sure I'm not following one, lol. SS's husband is a pencil pusher - why she even took his word as stone is beyond me. She kept repeating that too - WHY didn't I look it up for myself, he always does this shit to me. LOL Why, indeed?
  • We turn around and go back an hour to our freeway transfer and finally head in the right direction. After all the boys via text message are giving us shit - only a truck full of women would keep heading towards the mountains when their destination is the beach. Repeated texts returned of Fuck Off and Die Assholes are sent.
  • Get stuck in traffic most of the rest of the way down now and LA traffic SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. We're starving, we're cranky, we're tired of sitting in the Tahoe for 4hrs now. But we finally get there and find a parking garage.
  • That is far away from where we want to be. SS is a trooper tho and after walking past several hookers and homeless people, we end up where the tourists are supposed to be, lol. I'm sure this is NOT what 5 teenagers were expecting Hollywood to be like.
  • Welcome to the fucking real world, Princesses!
  • The birthday Princess is wanting Mexican food. You know what - just pick a place that we see and be happy with it. Ugh - spoiled children really piss me the fuck off. She's lucky as we see one at the last minute.
  • We eat lunch and birthday Princess is not happy. This wasn't what it was supposed to be like and somehow, she really expects mommy to pull out a magic wand and make it so. She's rude & pouty the rest of the day and, at this point, I think we are there for SS more than the Princess.
  • It was cool to walk on all the stars tho. I got my pic with Kermit the Frog one and then Absolut Vodka "had one" and SS and I bent down and got our pic taken with that one. LOL
  • The girls got their pix taken with several of the impersonators (that all work for tips) and other ones came up to talk to me and Michelle...cuz we're hot like that. *snort* Elmo wouldn't leave us alone and talked to us for quite awhile. He was funny. I mentioned to SS how that would be, that you meet this big black man somewhere and ask what he does for a living and he responds, "I'm Elmo, baby!" LMFAO
  • Leave the garage around 5:30 and can't go the way we come in so we're instantly loss getting back to the freeway. Now we're driving in the parts of LA that 7 white females shouldn't be in. LOL We ask some one on the sidewalk how to get back to the freeway and we are way out of the way but head back in the direction of a street he says (& we saw earlier). SS calls dipshit again and he's no help so once we get to that street, we ask another local...and finally we're homefree.
  • For like 10 seconds because what is worse than LA lunch traffic??? LA evening-going-home-from-work traffic. Oh yeah. Bumper to bumper. Teenagers are cranky, Birthday Princess is bitchy and un-thankful, SS is done already too.
  • And here's me thinking - wtf did you make her stay there? As soon as my kid started complaining in the backseat on the way there, I would have asked her if she wanted to keep going or if there was somewhere else we could go instead? As soon as we got there, she didn't want to be there but SS made us all stay. It was annoying and then especially when SS was grumpy on the way home, I really wondered wtf the point was???
  • When they dropped me off, Mike was out in the garage and he asked how it was and SS went on & on about how much fun the girls had. Is she blind or in denial????!!!! The girls were miserable. Birthday Princess wanted to go to Rodeo Drive and shit!! Ugh.
So, that was my day yesterday. Would I do it again - Hell no. Do I regret it? Very little. I got to see a place I never would have otherwise. I can say I stepped on Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, John Wayne etc etc etc. (I made sure I grounded my heels on Britney Spears). I could have done without getting lost walking & driving (which mostly drives me nuts because she didn't plan anything. I am a planner and I would have found directions out of there as know? And then even for walking around, I would have looked up addresses and stuff.)

Today I have to make more chili for the party we're going to tonight. I'm not sure I have all the ingredients so a trip to the store might be in order. I actually have quite a few things to do today since my day was wasted yesterday (we got home at 8pm instead of 4pm).

I don't know what to do with my hair either. I chopped it and hate it. Really, I do. Or maybe I'm just not comfortable with it yet. I feel...insecure. *SIGH* I gotta find a way to do it that I can rock it. That's my problem. I feel all...goody-two-shoe or nerdy or something. Gah!!!!!

Everyone have a safe night tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't puke in public!!!!!


Osbasso said...

Britney just doesn't get the respect she deserves... :-P

Have a great 2009!!

Vixen said...

Hey.... You met ELMO!

Um. I wonder if Amy read your warning before we went out last night. Doh...

Sheeesh....I had to read your blog to find out what you were doing! ;)