Monday, January 5, 2009

My brain has a St. Bernard on it

I'm about to pop some Advil and then do...nothing. I guess, lol. I was planning on working longer, but our server host's hard-drive decided to commit suicide. And now it's dead. Boss man is not a happy camper. They've been having intermittent problems with it and should have thought that it was a hard-drive going out. But they didn't do any research and now it is D.E.A.D.

Customers can't see our website, can't place orders which means we can't download orders and process them. Which, at this point, means no work for us. I prepped what I could for the Spring 09 season but am at a stand still until other employees do their jobs. I sat around for 4hrs and then couldn't stand it anymore. Off I tanned and then came home.

Mike and I are downsizing...our life, where we can, because of the economy. Now that I won't be working OT...and right now probably not even FT (towards the end of January I should be there) and 2009 is supposed to be worse than 2008, we're cutting whatever corners we can.

No golfing or fishing, no more Netflix, I froze my tanning account (only $5 a month instead of $19.99. If I canceled I would have had to have paid the $80 initiation fee again), we got a different cable plan. Little things like that that add up without you realizing it.

And back to the gym we go too. My busy season fucks everything up and then Mike ends up getting lazy because I'm not being a gym partner, lol. Then we start eating fast-food because it's just easier with my hours. No more!! I'm feeling better just knowing my schedule is going to get back to normal.

Fuck, my head hurts. Wonder what's up with that. It's like a hangover headache. Bleah.

A few girlfriends and I are going to start our own bookclub. I've picked my books - The Lovely Bones by alice sebold, The Gargoyle by andrew davidson and then I can't decide between The Host by stephanie meyer (the Twilight series author) or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by mark hadden. Ho-hum. I wonder what 3 books they each picked for us to read. I adore reading. I grew up reading book after book after book while my brother and friends watched TV or played sports. When I read, it's like a movie going on in my head. The Twilight Series seriously rocked, btw. But i LOATHE the actor they used to play Edward. My dog's ass looks better than that guy. Ewwwww...teehee.

I'm off to pound my head into the counter a few times. Toodles!
(I'll start Mute Monday back up after the alphabet. Kinda pointless to only do the last 4 letters, lol)


Vixen said...

Your server died?! Gah....that's no good in your line of work. Ack.

*humpf* I want to join your book club TOO. :( Stupid living in another state thing.

geenalyn said...

Loved the Lovely Bones, and LOVED The Host by Stephenie Meyer. It was a bit slow to start...but once you got into it was wonderful...i'll even admit to crying in spots near the end