Thursday, August 14, 2008

The grass is greener where you water it.

My little doggy didn't want us to leave to go visit Vixen. :(

Oh man, what a week. I had all sorts of plans to do MM, TMI, HHD and Weird Wednesday (to be my first!) and then didn't make the time.

This past Monday was my first Monday back from taking Mondays off in July. (That was a lot of Mondays in that sentence!) That same afternoon after work, The Man got a call from his Dr about his blood results.

He has, for quite some time now, been feeling not so hot. But kept putting it off like most men do. Finally, I pretty much made him go. I was tired of him talking about it. He's never even had his cholesterol #s checked or anything and with his family history, I thought it about time to figure out his health.

Well, his liver enzymes are high. He had to go back the next day & draw more blood for hepatitis tests. He goes in this Saturday for a liver MRI/scan/whatever. We will hopefully find out the hepatitis results tomorrow.
And that's not even the cardiologist yet. His family heart history is horrible (grandpa died of a heart attack and all his uncles have had one) so he goes to that consultation visit on the 28th. He works out all the time and has no problem with it so I'm not sure if the stress test will reveal anything, but he complains about shortness of breath just doing normal things. I don't know...

Anyway - my absence is because The Man is not used to health issues regarding him. They are always me so this is throwing him for a loop. I haven't been Mother Henning him to death, but am by his side as a distraction (I remember when I went thru my cancer scare and how freaked out I got even tho I never thought I would react that way. I had pre-cancerous cells removed and that was enough!). To divert his mind when I see him start to ponder.

Biker Dude stopped by the liquor store to pick him up a liter of Pepsi and a 6-pk of O'Douls, lol.

I was supposed to go to that bachelorette party tomorrow night but am now skipping it. Originally because of no dinero, but now - even if I did, I'm not sure I would. I think he wants me to go with him and Saturday's appt is at 8am. Bleah! That will still be unpleasant with me waking up sober!

K - if you read this, I'm not sure what he told T, but he hasn't told anyone yet. Not even his parents or my mom. Seeing how T's mom saw my mom last night...could be out of the bag if T mentioned it to anyone else. You know how that works. LOL
In other random news, my boss is out of town so today & tomorrow are lax days. I have some new people starting Monday. The Season hath arrived! I hope they're not idiots. You'd be surprised at what I get.

"Ummm...SR...."says the 6'1 late twenties dude as he comes up to me in my office almost an hour late. I just looked up at him. He had just been warned about his tardiness and written up. He was so much not-more than this and we were looking for a legit reason to can his ass. He seemed to hem & haw and I just knew the lamest excuse was going to come out of that worthless smile.

I had no idea ~~~~>"Ummm...I had an accident on the way to work and had to pull over and, ummm...I don't know how to say this...uummmm...I, uh, had to pull over and throw my shorts away. *Ahem* And I just got here but had another...ummmm...accident. I need to go home." All I could say was ok but, inwardly, all I could register was that this grown adult (ha!) had just told me face to face that he shit his pants, not once, but twice. And as we spoke, had a shitload residing between said sorry ass.

Or the girl who called me to tell me wouldn't be coming in because she started her period and was 'bleeding all other the place' and while she could maybe try coming in, she doubted I wanted her 'red tide possibly pouring out everywhere.'

Can't people just tell me they have food poisoning (we all know what that means) or cramps (again, we all know what that means) or the flu or a headcold? I don't need to know details. I don't care about details! You're not here, you're not here.
/end rant & off to start laundry. Oh joy!

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Osbasso said...

May I just make note that I think this is the most you've ever written in a post before? You must get alot of this off your chest with Vixen! ;-)

Hope The Man's health results aren't too bad, or at least easily controllable!