Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HNT - Well...

The Man's tests came back ok for his liver, but there's a polyp on his gall bladder...testing next week :) Yay - he can drink again!


I Smile 2 Much said...

Damn, Woman ; )


Love the nails, panties & bow. Sexy as flippin hell!

I'm glad he can drink again- & hope next week's tests go well

Osbasso said...

Boo for the polyp, but yay for the drinkin'!

Rex Venom said...

yeah...Yay for the drinking and, WOOWOOO, double YAY for the pics!!
Rock on!

Paul B said...

Great pics...have a few drinks to celebrate!


Vixen said...

Well I'm glad he can drink again! *whew* ;)

And wow chickie.....the HOTNESS!

Love ya! *muah*

Anonymous said...

glad the man is alright!!


Ms. Lily said...

Crossing my fingers for the rest of the testing.

Love the panties! Very cute
Happy HNT!

Ser Infiel said...

Absolutely, positively, beautifully, magnificently perfect. What a great body you've got!

And congrats to your man on being able to drink. Hehe.

mikecam2k said...

really nice :D
then exchange links? :D

mikecam2k :D