Monday, August 4, 2008


I am downloading all the pictures now, so there will be a separate post with all the pix later.

First of all, the weekend was soooo much fun!!! We had a such a good time with Vixen & PC (not that I would have expected anything different, but they were getting married in 2 days!!). I loved seeing the animals again & meeting all the new ones and certainly, seeing the kids again - and meeting the new ones *snort*.

I can't believe what a little woman her daughter is. I love her to death, but I always have even when she was a teeny non-talking baby. And her son is a cutie pie (although at one point, he stayed in his room awhile because 'he was mad at *insert my name here*' because of something he did that wasn't very nice and I called him on it when Vix wasn't around and he didn't like it. *snort**snort*. It was short lived and he was back to his happy little self in no time.) who just seems to love life :) I also had the pleasure of meeting PC's son who is equally cute and quite the gentleman with a gentle soul as well. They were all very well behaved and a treat to be around.

I think we brought the heat with us tho. On Friday, it was 105 and a little muggy. Just like at home - I didn't feel like I had left So Cal, lol.

The ceremony was beautiful. I can't really say a lot without the pictures so I will save all that until then.

Yesterday, there were some thunderstorms and I remember Vix saying in the past that they shut down the airport when that happens, but was just hoping it wasn't around that area. We get dropped off at the airport and go sit in our area and see that the plane is delayed 20 minutes. No big deal. But then she comes over the loudspeaker that the airport had been shut down due to the weather so all flights in & out were behind schedule & that our plane from AZ wasn't going to be in until 6:30 - putting us an hour & a half behind schedule. Bleah - but what can you do??

We finally see the plane come in and people getting off and...end up getting behind another half hour because one of the stewardesses that was supposed to be on with us was on a plane that hadn't came in yet either so they had to hunt around for another one.

We were supposed to have arrived at 7:15pm but didn't land until 8:30. Go down to wait for our luggage forever and The Man's never comes out. Fuck. It has both of our stuff in it, but luckily, just clothes. So we we head over to the guy and he keys in the luggage number and he sees it has a flag on it. *Ahem* It got left behind and they put it on the next flight over that was supposed to land at 11pm. UGH. They are going to deliver it today before noon at my cousin's house (they won't deliver to my house - it's in a different county) and I will pick it up tomorrow after work on my way home.

OK. Got all that? So, we head to the car and I see this note-looking thing on my car and freak out that someone has hit it. LOL - just an advertisement piece. Load it all up and head to the gate. The lady is doesn't acknowledge us. The Man greets her and she slowly turns around, and in a Quaalude induced type of state, says "Ah - hello". *rolls eyes* The Man hands her a credit card and she asks if we have another one. Huh? It's a brand new card with plenty of credit still on it, but whatever. He hands her the bank card. Same thing. Mike looks at her and asks if she's sure her card thing is working because BOTH of those cards have plenty of money. The whole time she is moving as slow as molasses on a winter day & I'm already feeling bad for the people who are behind us because, really, how long does it usually take to get thru the gates?? Less than 2 minutes! So, she calls the neighboring stall and asks if she can run this credit card because hers doesn't seem to be working and, oh my goodness, it clears!!! She still takes forever to print it out and hand it over to The Man for his signature. The Man then says it is NOT our night. I tell him to keep his mouth shut, we're almost 2hrs from home yet, lol.

Oh - the SHITTY part about the whole night tho??? Let's recap, shall we?
  • Flight delayed because of weather
  • Flight further delayed because of missing flight attendant
  • Flying absolutely sober for the first time ever
  • Home bound even further delayed because you're waiting for a piece of fucking luggage that isn't even there
  • Parking gate attendant is slower than a constipated 4 month old trying to take a shit
  • Parking gate attendant's card machine doesn't work

Paying $90 in parking fees!!! Priceless!

Holy shit. Wasn't expecting that one. That's $22.50 a day people. *chokes*

One the way home, we kept finding mosquito bites from the wedding night (we all got eaten alive) and I counted 12 on me. The Man has about 12 on each knee - they look REALLY distorted, lol. We finally crawled in bed around 11:30. The Man got up at 4am and went to work. He gets to leave a little early today tho because of a Drs appt.

My day will be spent investigating why a $500 deposit bounced & cost me $12. Laundry was planned, but all the dirty clothes are in The Man's bag so there isn't any. Unloading my luggage bag. Pictures.

Despite the night, we had a great time and would do it all over again. It was just challenging to get home, lol.

OK - I'm gonna download those pictures now!!


Osbasso said...

Wow! My trip home was far less traumatic!

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and The Man! Next time will have to be without all those pesky time commitments planned for the day!

Vixen said...

Uggggggghhhhhhhhh......... I felt so badly your trip home was like that. BUT we had soooooooooooo much fun. Having you and him here *MADE* the wedding/weekend for us.

*happy sigh*


I Smile 2 Much said...

your return trip sounds ...ugh ... not so stellar (lol) but i cannot *wait* 2 see all the pix..... ; )

download, baby! ; )

oh yah! and welcome home!!! ; )

Mike Y said...

I can't believe it. Holy cow!!! You guys really went through a lot. I'm sorry. But we had a blast with you again. :)