Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HHD - I love the things that you aren't.

Hump Day, bitches!

I am still trying to play catch-up from returning from CO. It's hard when your work drive is so long. Oh well - mama needs new shoes *wink*. OK, well - mama needs to pay bills first so that she can get new shoes.

Speaking of long drives, this is when I do most of my thinking. I have nothing else to do so my brain relishes the 'come out & play' time in the late afternoon/early evening. (It's still half asleep in frog pajamas in the morning.) Sometimes, I think about bills or what The Man is doing or how much fun The Man is having while I sit in traffic. Others it is about something exciting coming up or choices I have to decide upon. But its favorite thing to do is just...think. About different perspectives. It makes the brain more active, I think. Like:

  • Everyone focuses on why they love something about someone. How about my title? I love The Man because he's not an asshole (for the most part), he's not a child-molester, he's not a wall-flower, he's not serious. But I like my job because it's not formal dress, it's not minimum wage, it doesn't have to deal with the public. Yay!

  • Have you ever thought about ice-skating...on the other side of the ice?

  • Isn't that a stupid saying about wanting your cake and eating it too? Why else would you want your cake?!

  • Why can't there be God and reincarnation and Karma and Mother Nature - all at the same time? Like, say you die and you get a choice! Do you want to go to Heaven or do you want come back as a dog or just hang out as a ghost?

  • We are ALL friendly with the skeletons in our closet whether we acknowledge it or not. The difference is that a few people hold the key, others throw it as far away as possible, and still, some of us never lock the damn thing in the first place.

  • Seriously, why aren't you having fun in life? As long as you aren't hurting someone else - what's the point of having the perfect body or hair or skin or digestive tract when it's just going to rot in a coffin anyway? Seriously.

  • I've realized that sometimes you have to be un-true to yourself in order to be kind to others. I'm ok with that. I can step down from my soapbox if it means making someone feel better that needs it.

  • Why do people freak out at cuss words? They are just words. Some guy made them up. I think (insert your higher Being here) cares more about the emotion behind the words. I tell Cerveza all the time, "I love you, you little fucker!" Am I going to Hell for that? Do I need to repent? I think not. What I think I need to ask forgiveness for is if I said to The Man, "You chair!" with all the hate in my words. With the intention of hurting his feelings. Think about it. Some dude came up with fucker and deemed it bad and now it's the worse word you can say - just because some person said so. What gave him the right? NOTHING!

Anyway - my alone time has ran out. Have a great Wednesday, you shitheads. :P


Anonymous said...

excellent post
tickled me!

very true stuff too.

Vixen said...


Fuck you too sweetie. *grins*