Friday, May 23, 2008

Cure for Ugly Boys

I paid $4.03 a gallon last night. Fuck me in the buttocks, Jackson! Stupid oil tycoons and the kickbacks the government takes. Assholes. That's the most I've paid so far. And yes, I do drive a fuel efficient car. Gah!

I actually had to be on tornado watch yesterday evening! In So Cal!!! WTF? Very freaky. People weren't worried about it too much - there were touch downs a city over and it was headed this way, but everyone was outside watching the clouds & shit. Pretty funny - like the last thing mid-westerners would do in a tornado watch is go play outside. *SNORT* But us Californians, we go hang out in the street. We had gnarly thunder & lightening too.

Last weekend it was 105...Monday it was 96 and Thurs and Fri (& all of this weekend) we're having a gnarly storm. Go figure.

*SIGH* I'm purpose issues lately. Like - I always thought I' more than I am. Not necessarily be famous or rich or anything like that, but certainly more than a wife, sister & daughter. Perhaps it's because I'm childless and my purpose seems...pointless.

Perhaps it's merely my punctuation's fault. Doh. Whatever the reason, today I'm feeling inadequate as a human being. Bleah.

I did have an epiphany tho. Yeppers. I know the cure for ugly boys. No, really! Listen & you'll know what I say is true.

Tattoos. Seriously now. Look at Travis Barker - that guy is an ugly mo-fo. He's scrawny and his face is pointy with bugling eyeballers. He's...homely. But would I do him? Fuck yeah! That guy's hardcore!!! Take an ugly guy, add ink and viola! You've got yerself a stud-muffin who'll get all the girls of his dreams.
Told ya. Who else out there is ugly, but has tatts so he's hot???


Vixen said...

I'm sorry about the issues. Suck suck sucky. *hugs*

God you nailed it on the head. I have this strange crush on Travis Barker. I have for years. Weird. And yes, it's the tats. HOT.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm going to be useless on the ugly but hot cause of ink quest I'm thinking. But "fuck me in the buttocks" made me snigger for sure.

The issues thing is something everyone goes through I think.

have a good weekend, I'm off to find a yellow pages for a tattoo parlor that close!

(g)ezebel said...

LOL!!!! girl, you STILL have a way with words. :0)

i say get pregnant.

i will have to google travis barker, as i have no idea who he is. but ink on a man has always been one of my aphrodisiacs.

(g)ezebel said...

okay, just googled. i don't think travis barker is ugly at all!! he's kinda rather HOT..!! (must be the ink) :0)

wisdomstuff said...

Yep issues suck and I think we all go through thinking we'd be more, have more, etc. etc.

You may be onto something with that ink, HOWEVER, and it's kind of a big one, there is such a thing as too much. That can just revert them right back to ugly.

Now, why doesn't it work that way for chicks? :-)