Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, ummm, yeah. I can't tell if Lilac & Spoil (who commented the exact same thing as Lilac) are serious or spammers. Anywhore - these pix and all of my HNTs are exactly of me. Anyone from my other site knows me/my body/my style of photography to vouch for me. The bottom one - good lord, if it weren't me, don't you think I'd pick someone w/o those saddlebags??? And all the crap on my bathroom counter?

I guess I should take it as a compliment (if it is, indeed, a serious comment & not spam) that someone thought my self-taken pix were 'magazine quality'. *Snort*

Off to walk across the street & have a beer with the neighbor boys. I'd actually write, but Big D is just visiting on his way home & I'd like to say hi.

Oy vey, that was a good laugh tho.


Anonymous said...

well the pics are awesome.
Very pretty/sexy.

Vixen said...

I am *rolling my eyes so hard* at "Lilac".

My inkling is that "Lilac" IS someone who actually HAS been called out for using stolen pics off the net and tried to pull them off as their own.

OR has seen your pics on your other site and assumed you 'stole' them to use on this site. But that person isn't observant enough to realize YOU ARE THE SAME PERSON. ROFL

*shaking head*

On the up side, you ARE gorgeous. And you DO take amazing pictures. So really it's a HUGE compliment! :)

*muah* (*I* know it's you)

Osbasso said...

I doubt it's one of "us". Nor do I think it's someone who's seen her other site. My guess is they've seen something similar. The only way to tell would be to grab the picture they think they have and compare.

Stiletto--keep up the good work!

Macabre Girl said...

Lol. I've gotten accused of using someone else's pictures on my blog too. It's funny. If I were going to do that, I would be picking someone much hotter and with a better body.

People are stupid. You handled the insulting compliment well though. Whomever lilac is, probably saw them else where and didn't remember or realize.

You're gorgeous. =)

Macabre Girl said...

Of course, you will probably keep posting pictures where as I do not post anything like that anymore. I prefer to keep it more anonymous this time around. ~wink~

Lil Bit said...

Hon, I've been accused of it, too... and honestly? I don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks. I know it's me on my blog, just like you know it's you, here. Fuck those who don't believe. LOL Who needs 'em?

Luuuuuuving the new blog, girlie -- this pink bg used to be my old skin b4 I switched to the dark angel header. Fits you MUuuuuuuuuch better, 'specially after seeing ya in that cute lil pink & black get-up, below. =)

Amorous Rocker said...

I've been accused of it too and I really couldn't care less. I know what I post is me and mine. If some leech wants to come and tell me otherwise because they think they know better, oh well, lol. People are silly. ;)