Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Hump Day

The Man is at the gym. He's been lagging lately (we won't get started on my laziness. *Ahem*) and is trying to get back on schedule.

Need to get started on my letter to my boss about my "manager" - who is really not. But she's barely doing the work of a lowly temp employee. She is worthless. Barb is going to give him hers Friday and then I will hit him a week or two later. Anyway - I've purged my thoughts/anger already to get out the bitchiness and now I just need to format it and make it more diplomatic, lol.She's a good person, just not a manager. At.All. She did so many things that pissed us off today that it rekindled my fire and I need to get on it before I get lazy again.

The Mom is at her friend's tonight. Thank God. That woman drives me battier and battier each passing minute I am around her. Do we really need 8 cans of big cans of spaghetti sauces at once? I don't have the room to shop like that. I was giving her a hard time and she made the excuse that she only got what she knew we used during the summer (which, amazingly enough is what we use in the winter too....????). I told her the stores were open all summer! I can go on forever about that woman, but I've been trying not to. It gets my blood boiling and is really not healthy for me. If you're thinking of inviting your perfectly healthy (well, relatively...she can still support herself) mother to live with you, I have one word for you - areyoufuckingcrazy??!!!! DON'T. Just DON'T. You will regret it. And mine doesn't have a life of her own either so I'm doubly fucked.

Better go start dinner while I have the motivation to. Have a happy hump day everyone!

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