Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Shoes

Ahhhh - a clean slate. I'm not new to the online diary world. In fact, I have been doing it for quite some time, starting out & spending the last several, several years at OpenDiary but it started to feel like an old neighborhood. And I'm not talking about the kind that rises in value. I ached to move & so I did.

I haven't been there long, but I discoverd the world of HNTs and then started directing people IRL to it so that they could see my pictures (to see if they wanted me to take some risque pictures of them for their loved ones) and I lost my anonymity there. I started not writing, which just sucks. I'm a writer, a word purger. So, I decided to start a private blog and not tell anyone IRL about it (except my best friend who also blogs - who also knows everything about me anyway!). We'll see how it goes ok?

This is my place to vent, to cry, to dream, to hope, to anguish. It is my brain waterfall - words cascading over when it gets too full. I'll say things I wished I hadn't. Open secrets that should have been kept closed. Piss you off here & there. But this is me - uncensored.

I have the right to write. You have the right to leave.


Vixen said...

Wow. Way to come in with a bang. You're up for a day and the blogger police already marked your blog 'objectionable material'. LOLOLOL

I know all about being censored. I've moved and been followed and now I'm where I am to stay for now. Vent away sweetie. ;)


Osbasso said...

Methinks I know who this is!

Vixen said...

Os- shhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do a my fave HNT post every week, and last week you were it going away, I mean it wasn't even close. My fave is a rating between me and 3 chicks that opine on my blog. It is apparent you are ummmm hiding (for lack of a better word) here so after consulting with my raters we didn't link you. I couldn't find an email here and even though I suspect I know who you are I didn't want to hit u up there. My question is is it ok to link you in my fave posts if the consensus is yours is best HNT of the week? It is just a link saying this chick has the best HNT this week in my opinion.
I understand either way and hold no grudge if you would rather not. Please let me know if its ok or not.
your pix rock!!