Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Squatters in My Baby-maker

My TMI is down there somewhere ;)

My 3 day weekend has turned into 4. Not because I wanted it to. It means I won't get paid for yesterday. Gah!! But my stupid punctuation cramps are killing me. The whole thing has gotten worse/weirder over the past year or so and I can't ignore the fact that I need to see Dr. HooHa again. But it's not as simple as that. My real HooHa Dr, whom I loved and has done everything to me since I was 18 had a stroke (he's only in his 40's - how sad). He still owns the practice, but doesn't practice anymore so it's off to someone new he has hired. I really want the one who will operate on me, you know? What's the point of seeing someone else and telling them my whole history and not have them follow it thru to the end?

But I also want the one who will really take focus on my endo. We'll see - it's what I asked for now all I do is wait to see who they hook me up with. *SIGH* I'm just so used to Dr T's manners and personality (he says fuck in front of me, too cool) & him doing the operating & shit. Bleah. It was like, "Hey Dr T - ready for me to spread 'em?"

The weekend was interesting. We were lazy Saturday (I was really quite bored) and had a BBQ at the neighbor's house Sunday. His younger roommates participated & they had a few of their friends over. Good lord am I glad I'm not under 22 anymore. There's no drama in drinking for shit's sake. But, after that all wore off, everyone got along and we had a good time (they were fighting amongst themselves...not with any of us old people). I'm very glad I wasn't hungover yesterday, I thought for sure I would be.

We did a few errands and then The Man went out to his garage with the same neighbor and they did man things out there while I started watching Season 3 of The L Word on my computer (from Netflix). I gotta finish it today doped up on meds. I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday either but was glad it was a non-work day but noooo...CrampyLand has decided to plants roots in my cervix and create a fucking community.

Thought of the day - I'm confused as to why women would vote for Hillary just because she's a women and why black people would vote for Obama just because he's black. That doesn't make sense to me. I want a woman/black person in there just as much as the next unbiased person, but hell no if I don't agree with their thoughts! They're not getting in just because of their sex or skin color. WTF is that all about? Shouldn't it be the person who most matches your views/opinions no matter what color or sex they are??? Sex & race & age to me are moot. In anything, in any aspect of my life. Especially when it comes to the person who will run this country. (BTW - I'm independant and haven't decided yet, lol.)


Vixen said...

"There's no drama in drinking!"

No shit. Good fucking lord. There. should. NOT. be. I want a Coozie that says that. LOL And a shirt.


GL with the new dr. I can't see mine anymore and therefore have decided to never go again.
....kidding. (kind of, lol)

I Smile 2 Much said...

You are sooo frickin hilarious; I just luv it! ; ) Hopefully U can get the Dr stuff all taken care of & with who ya like.

I luv that U write anything & everything, however U want. U seriously rock, babe ; )

And feel better soon. Killer crampy*ness SUX.... yup. I hear ya! ; )


Anonymous said...

damn I didn't expect for you to opine political!
A very excellent thought though. I also am an independent. I have decided though!

My bride is having some hooo haaa issues right now too. I hope yours get better or they can fix you up or whatever.
Good luck.