Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HNT - Getting Ready for Him

Check that - I just paid $4.19 for the cheap stuff today. *Pokes self in the eye with a spork* Gah! Fucking Gah!

Anyway - onto more pleasant things. Sorry this is posted early, but it's the only time I'll have to myself tonight to be able to do it.


Anonymous said...

your body is outstanding.
Very sexy.
The pics you take are excellent!!

Em said...

Those are excellent!

Osbasso said...

Lovely! Sometimes the cheap stuff is the way to go!

Vixen said...

Oooo.....that middle one is *insane*. Love. IT.



Spoil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lilac said...

I think you should know that I know those pictures are not of you. I have seen them on quite a few adult websites under a couple different profiles. They are not the owners of those pictures and I am certain that you are not either. I apologize if I am wrong but it would be highly coincidental to see them else where and then it turn out to be you. I have also seen one with a shot of the lovely girls face in it. I do not think these are you which I would think ruins the whole HNT thing since it should be you. I know you will probably delete this comment but I wanted to say something.

d2b said...

Incredible sexy HNT!

Please send me a mail (my address is in my profile) and I'll invite you over to my blog!

Biscuit said...

Love the first one! It looks like it belongs in a magazine ad.

Biscuit's HNT

Vixen said...

Lilac. To put it very blatantly and short. You are wrong.

This person has two sites. She has been my best friend for over twenty years. She is an amazing photographer and these *are* photos of her.

But you are right about it being wrong for people to steal pics off the net. And now you should go to some of the other people, who really DO steal their HNT pics of the net and bitch at them. :)

Osbasso said...

To Lilac (or whomever you are)--I too, am familiar with both the girl and the pictures. They are both definitely one in the same.

I find it sad/humorous that your "profile" is conveniently unavailable. Your credibility and opinion holds NO weight around here.

Lil Bit said...

OMG, that cute lil number looks FABULOUS on you, girlie!

(yep, I recognize ya. I can join the bandwagon and say yes, it's really YOU. lol)

Happy Belated HNT! =)

Rainman said...

Very nice shots.
Found you through "with age comes wisdom"