Saturday, June 28, 2008

Functional Disfunction

Oy - I was hungover today. Too much fun from last night. Vodka makes me very...well, drunk & drunk acting, lol. I tend to forget things when I drink vodka and then remember as people tell me. Doh. Anyway - many vodka & cranberries later...

The Man had came home before me and accidently locked the bedroom door so that when I came home & tried to go in, I couldn't. I banged on the door, I went outside and banged on the slider door but he was zonked out. I got mad because I was loud enough that how could be not hear me?!

So, I told my mom I was going to go outside and sleep on the patio right outside the slider so that when he woke up, he could see me & feel sorry. LOL!!! She was like, you are not sleeping outside and I kept telling her I was. I even wrote this nasty little note and slid it under the door!!!!!!!!! He finally opened it & I was happy. I kill me sometimes, lol. (I only had a towel around me too so I would have been sleeping out there naked.)

I tried getting my game on today when I finally was feeling better, but I just couldn't get into it. They have a kareoke machine tonight too and The Man is singing Carrie Underwood songs, lol. I left tho - I wasn't about to be hung over 2x in a row. Bleah. HE is going to hurting tomorrow - he is drinking the hard stuff and was pretty snockered when I left a few hours ago. Shit - he better not puke in bed. He did that once many years ago & it was so nasty!! (And I couldn't get him up so he ended up sleeping right next to his barf all night. *SNORT*) But now I always worry about it, lol. I wish he would have stayed with beer. I'll end up calling him in a few...if he even hears his phone.

Speaking of phones, I got my hands-free device today so I'm all legal with July 1st rolls around. I loathe the earpieces, I really do. And no one calls me enough to warrant putting one in my ear for 2hrs a day just in case someone calls me so I got this:
The Parrot
*Love it* Very cool.

Guess I should shower - I'm kinda stinky from pool water and sun all day.

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Vixen said...


You crack me up.

I love you so hard. :)