Monday, June 23, 2008

Rambling Lipstick

*Sings The Cramps Come Marching In* Assholes. Right now, I'm ok - I could totally function with just a wince here & there. It's ok tho because, starting today, I have Mondays off until August. So I am really hoping today will be the end of it. We'll see...nothing 'started' yet.

I didn't tell my mom that I wasn't going to work because I worry she will take a Monday off to do hang out with me and all I want is some 'no-mom time'. She woke me up & I said I had cramps. Damn - that lady makes so much noise in the morning, just like when we were kids. My brother & I were always yelling out our rooms for her to be quiet in the mornings. See, she would get up with my dad & then when he left for work, she'd start doing house work. Even on the weekends, she was up clanking dishes and vacuuming before 6:30am. Yeah - an even more infuriating teenager that does make. So, to this day, as an adult, I abhor the sound of the vacuum. I really hate doing it too, but if I'm not, I am filled with all sorts of anger when someone is doing it in my house. *snort* I have issues, I know. LOL She enjoys it so when she's vacuuming my house, she takes forever. (I don't have a lot of carpet in my house so it literally could take you less than 8 minutes to vacuum).

Oh and dishes clanking!!!! Let's not get started on that. I fly back in time when The Man and I are in bed and I can hear her over the closed door, the A/C on, the standing fan going and the ceiling fan on...yeah - makes me want to put a cap in her ass in 2 seconds flat. Grrrrr...

It's tough when you are grown and have your own family and your mom lives with you. All those things you felt when you were a teenager?? Yeah - still there. Trust me.

Anywhore - the past weekend has been so hot. The hottest it got here was 111. And on that day we had places to go with our neighbor so I had to sit in the back seat of my car. Which is charcoal grey, with black interior, 2 sunroofs, and a hatch back window. Ummmm - can you say the poor A/C could NOT cool that thing down fast enough? I was gasping for air. Ugh. Yesterday was better at 100. I need to see what this week is supposed to bring.

Crap - it is Neighbor's birthday on Wednesday too. I think we're taking him out to dinner or something.

The Man forgot I had Mondays off and he called me at 6:45 (his usually time to say good morning when I'm on my way to work) and was freaking out that I was still in bed. He forgets things that come out of my mouth. He can remember words from everyone else tho. Hmmmm...funny how that works, huh? ;)

I can't believe George Carlin died yesterday!!! I liked him. And RIP to the dragster Scott Kalitta who lost his life this weekend too. His poor wife & two sons - how sad.

Shit, I can't believe in 2 weeks I'll be in Idaho. I've never been. Then before I know it, I'll be in CO. Shit, time flies when you're not sitting on your ass.


Vixen said...

I'm LOL at him calling you....on your day off. DOH. HELLO!?!? LOL

The summer is whizzing by. That excites me and freaks me out all at the same time. *sigh*

I Smile 2 Much said...

I dunno how U do it but I admire U like no other.

Just *reading* and remembering my own childhood (much like your *cleaning early mama) was making me cringe.

Sure I luv my mom but *still*

I spend Sunday afternoon around my family & I need a whole day after just 2 recuperate.

U are a tough cookie ; )

And LOL about the men and *words* said thingy. Sheesh ; ) Yup. Boys are *funny* sometimes huh? ; ) (giggle)

dangergirl said...
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dangergirl said...

I laughed out loud when I read your views regarding "mom help" - fortunately I was able to swallow my coke without choking (her ringtone is the theme from jaws - I thought it was funny - eventually she did).

Thanks for brightening up my day and yeah, testosterone does seem to affect hearing - go figure.