Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday
1. Do you believe anyone truly likes their job? If so, why? Yes, I think there are some lucky mother fuckers out there.
2. Do you 1) live to work or 2) work to live 3) not see a difference? I most certainly work to live. If I was wealthy, I would be doing something I enjoy. Something with animals that probably wouldn't pay a cent.
3. How many hours do you work a week? Right now - not very much. But from Aug - Christmas, I probably won't be on here much. I work 12hr days M-F and then 4-8hrs on Saturdays. It's tedious, stressful and burns me the fuck out.
4. What was your safety item (i.e. blankie) from when you were little? I still have her. When I was born, someone gave me a stuffed pink wind-up lamb. I used to play the tune every night to go to sleep. This lasted thru elementary school. I still pulled her out thru high school, lol. She sits in my drawer now so that the midgets can't chew her up. She's torn and tattered, but I love my Lambie ;)
5. Have you ever used food during sex? Yes, but rarely now since Mom has lived with us. I'd rather not spend my precious time alone cleaning up a mess.

Bonus (as in optional):What is your guilty food pleasure? I try not to put guilt into my food. (Methinks you, Vixen, can afford to put whipped cream in your coffee EVERY time, lol). I try not to think about in that way, but now that I'm older, I need to be healthier so I basically eat what I want, but in moderation. I'm not an extremist *ahem* (wink-wink) because *I* could get way out of control - the unhealthy kind so I don't go there. Sure - it's always on my mind, but I refuse to act on it. I'm a carb/salt person so I love chips and mashed potatoes and gravy and crackers. Just normal things ;)

Double Bonus from our inquisitors (still optional): "We are looking for suggestions. . . If someone asked for your suggestions for a butt worshiping evening (an evening devoted to butt attention), what would you suggest?" Well, my worshipping butt evening would start and end with a great butt massage. Exit only for my booty ;D

In other news, the Army of Cramps have made camp in my uterus and are now eliciting an all out war. I stayed home today. Which will bite donkey balls on my paycheck. I texted Barb, my co-worker, and asked if anything was going on. She said NOTHING. So, I would just be wasting gas money even trying to show up (cuz I'd end up coming home early).

The Man and I consolidated a few bills yesterday. Instead of paying $515 a month, we're now paying $289. And have some extra cash for our trip to Idaho and the bills coming in (since my paychecks lag until August). I have WAAAAY more other bills, don't get me wrong, but I took the biggest monthly-payment ones so that we'd have some extra cash to put towards the other ones. The Man and I live the American Dream - thru credit. *SNORT* I've been tired of it for awhile and am slowly making The Man see the disaster in that theory. Boy believes in living for the moment. It's very stressful for a Planning Girl.

Uh-oh, I hear the midgets getting into something...

Meet Midget #1, Cerveza:

and Midget #2, Abbie.


Anonymous Boxer said...

Ohhhhh, your dogs are super cute..... what do you do for a living that makes you work harder from Aug-Xmas? I'm snoopy like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

cool dogs
lol@exit only
hope the cramps go away!

Vixen said...

I *heart* your midgets. :)

I'm obsessive...what can I say...lol ;)

Amorous Rocker said...

Your dogs are totally cute. ;)

I agree, Vixen could do whipped cream every time on her drink and be totally fine, lol.

The Army of Cramps from Hell just left me a couple days ago. Thankfully! Hopefully they leave you quickly.

Great answers! Happy Tuesday. =)

(g)ezebel said...

omg -- is abbie new???? i don't remember her...

periods are yucky. alas, my dr won't let me rip my uterus out yet. *sad sigh*

what? you don't like anal sex..?? *lewd grin*