Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Man leaves Saturday to go ocean fishing with a bunch of the boys. He'll be back Sunday night. I'll cherish the alone time, the have-nothing-to-do time as The Man is a very active boy. He's always gotta be doing something or has something planned. Even if it is just going across the street to the neighbor's pool, it means I am not in my own home relaxing or on the computer.

He doesn't understand this. My need for solitude or just quiet time reading a book or watching a movie or blogging. When we do part ways, he is always coming back checking up on me. Trying to be a good attentive boy. I don't have the heart to scream, "Leave me the fuck alone already, will you?!!" He is just thinking about me, wishing I was there with him. He is not bad nor am I annoyed by him, just something he does, lol.

*SIGH* But it can be annoying, especially when my Weird Ass Mom is twisting my last fucking nerve. We rent a room to her & although I love her to death, it is the MOST annoying thing in the world to have a parent live with you. Like I said, I am a loner and there is NO ALONE TIME when you have a parent under the same roof. She doesn't have her own life & therefore is ALWAYS.HERE.

I'll end that there. I can easily go on a huge tangent and I really don't want to do that right now. Suffice to say that I literally cry in frustration because of her. I'll get into it some other time.

Hope you all have a great HNT!


(g)ezebel said...

girrrrrl, you know we walk in the same heels!!!

i totally feel ya on the loner thing. the parental unit still hasn't found her own place??

girl, i can't remember my password to the other one.

oh, i looooooove this pic. niiiiiice tits. :0)

Vixen said...

Totally seduceable.... ;)

When Mike goes out of town on business I kind of enjoy being able to do my own thing at night and not have to worry about 'getting to bed in time' or not staying up too late. Don't get me wrong. I love spending time with him. But sometimes having my *own* time with out guilt (my own) is nice. :) BUT knowing YOUR situation as well as I do....ENJOY!!!


I Smile 2 Much said...

Dang, woman, can U possibly BE any more sexy & gorgeous???!!! : ) This is ABSOLUTELY HAWT!! And you have that seductively beautiful pouty mouth too. Luv this pose; your body is remarkable!

And I'm the same. I luv my hubby but I also like & need my space so I understand *solitude needs* & all that kinda good stuff ; )

Hang in there, girlie ; ) ((Hugs)) & Happy INCREDIBLY PERFECT HNT 2 U ; ) *muah

Anonymous said...

i have been seduced!
All those things you said are the reason I like to go outta town. I'm feeling you on the alone time for sure.
Excellent pic.
very sexy, lips are awesome.

nudeman40 said...

New here. LOVE HNT pic. Beautiful Body. Love the lacey panties. I hope your computer time this weekend has some cam time mixed in.

Tasty said...

ok whos the dude that leaves that at home? and when does he leave again?