Thursday, June 26, 2008

Metallic Saliva

I wrote this Thursday, but saved it for today's post since I knew I wouldn't be able to find the time today...

Even tho I left work early, I've been quite productive before I got home. I stopped & tanned (& bought a cute shirt for Idaho) before leaving town & then once in civiliation again, stopped at Target and got a few things I needed. Well, ok - plus some really good priced boulder holders and some matching thongs since the Midgets keep stealing mine out of the hamper and eating them in half!!! Grrrrr....I can't tell you how many underwear they have gone thru since Abbie has been here. It's quite annoying because I pick my panties with care! Boo-hoo.

Let's see, left there & got gas and then just coming up to my street, there was a car pulled over and some old people trying to round up a baby lamb that had squeezed thru the fence and was alongside the street :( I got home & grabbed a bowl of dog food and a halter & lead and walked down there to try to help but the owner had finally came out and got it. The poor mama lamb was quite upset, you could hear her bleating from my house. But I was glad everything was ok. That's just NOT something I'd want to see splatted on the road, you know?

Oh crap, I just remembered that Target didn't have some hair stuff I needed so I need to visit and get that shit shipped so I get it before our Idaho trip. Gah!

Does anyone know of anyone who is doing that AdSense - where you get $$$ for letting ads be on your blog? I was just curious if they made anything worthwhile. Obviously, my blog is considered 'porn' (*rolls eyes*) or I'd try it.

HAHA - I forgot to post this. Oh well...better late than never, right?

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Vixen said...

I've thought about the adsense thing too. I looked into it last year and my 'older' readers weren't too keen on it. I have been to some blogs where it doesn't bother me and others where it's just obnoxious. I spoke to a girl who has her own site (her own dotcom) and she said it pays for her site each month. So it's something but you aren't going to get rich doing it. LOL

Flickr slips through the fence all the time. The little shit. I HATE it, gives me a heart attack. I'm glad the little lamb made it back with it's mommy.