Saturday, June 21, 2008

I opener

Raw “I”s
I am: open-minded, but have my set opinions.
I think: way too much.
I know: I could be a better person. *SIGH*
I want: the gas prices to go down & my bills to do that too.
I have: puffy under-eyes right now - huh.
I wish: I wasn't the stressful type.
I hate: stupidity. I really do.
I miss: some of my past animals & going to the desert.
I fear: being kidnapped and raped.
I feel: gelatinous. I hate getting old.
I hear: the gardner mowing.
I smell: nothing.
I crave: happiness.
I search: for self-improvement.
I wonder: if I well ever achieve it.
I regret: some past animal things.
I love: in a complicated way. It comes with a lot of strings attached.
I ache: to be understood, but I do not understand myself so...
I am not: as cool as people think, lol.
I believe: in respect.
I dance: not as much as I'd like/used to.
I sing: hardly ever.
I cry: when I'm frustrated.
I don’t always: put other people first. Doh.
I fight: for my right to parrrrrrtaaayyy!
I write: all the time. I love to write.
I win: hardly ever. It's Karma, I know it.
I lose: all the time!
I never: am rude to the waiter.
I always: tip well.
I confuse: The Man ;)
I listen: so that I don't look stupid.
I can usually be found: in Intense Land.
I am scared: of flying.
I need: alone time often.
I am happy: sometimes. I always strive for more.
I imagine: that it is a futile battle. I just need to 'be' and then it'll come.

It's 110 here, people, 110!! I am *meeellllttttiinnnnggggg*


Anonymous said...

great answers. I ought to do this one I'm thinking.

lol@ not as cool as folks think

and the last one is definitely true.

(g)ezebel said...

girl, it was freakin' 110 in northern cali, too!!! i don't think i wanna know how warm hell is anymore...

I STILL THINK YOU'RE COOL. super cool, in fact. and sexy. :0)

Vixen said...

That's fucking HOT. It might be here with humidity. DOH.

*muah* Love ya!

I Smile 2 Much said...

Liked your answers, girl. ; )
I'm the same in a alot of yours. Its frickin crazy hot, I know. ; 0

I spent 4 hours swimming & in the pool today. And I'm still in my suit. Its effin damn hot gosh dang it ; (