Friday, July 18, 2008

Ack! My choo-choo-vega saw the light!

The Man and I were talking about how rather than having jet lag, we have vacation lag. *SIGH* A whole week off does things to your ambitious side and let's just say that side hasn't kicked in for either of us yet. I'm sure that when it does, we'll be off to CO for Vixen's wedding and we'll have to start all over again, lol.

I finally started a Flickr account and just got done fiddling around with it. I need a avatar dude. I think Vixen is working on one for me. She said she had the perfect one in mind so I'm not about to waste my time (I can get so obsessed with making cool things in PhotoShop, lol) if she's already started. Woohoo for me!

Tomorrow night we're going to dinner with my boss out at one of the wineries. He is an elite member (or whatever) and it's a release party so we get to try some expensive dinero wine. And a free dinner. And an opportunity to get all dolled up. How could I say no like The Man wanted me to??? My boss has been bugging me for awhile now and there's only so many times I can come up with lame excuses for declining. Plus, it irritates me that The Man becomes such A Pill over these rare & few in between affairs because he always has a great time. I think it's just getting his ass in gear to do something different from the usual hanging out with friends & drinking. Talk about lazy.

I have been on the Rachel Ray with dinners this week. I made taco pizza, skillet chicken pot pie, boneless pork chops marinated in herbs & garlic with asparagus and quartered red potatoes seasoned with garlic pepper, sea salt & lemon pepper - all cooked out on the grill. Oh yum! The Man got up early and put the pot roast in the crock pot (he has his secret recipe) and I'm going to shred it up and make open faced sandwiches on french rolls. Put sauteed onions and bell peppers on top, then swiss cheese & under the broiler it goes. My house smells Heavenly at the moment!! Vixen would lurve it. LOL

I have to go to the mall this weekend too. The Man needs a shirt and I need a dress to wear to Vixen's rehearsal dinner. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for - I'm open so I hope I find something I like - that's not a heart attack to my checkbook, you know??

Fuck - the stupid midgets have eaten 3 pairs of my panties this week!! WTF? Cerveza pulls them thru the hamper holes (I know!) even when I stuff in my pant leg or on the side that's up against the wall. Little Siegfried and Roy mother fucker. Then Abbie destroys them. Cerveza doesn't wreck them - I'd just grab them & throw them in the wash, but noooo...she has to go all Courtney Love on them. I'm going to Target this weekend too and getting a solid hamper. Assholes. Sick of it.

I keep forgetting to contact my grandma to see if she wants to do lunch one day during the week. She's going to write my ass out of the will if I keep that up. If she hasn't already.

Oh fuck! I took a digger at work today. Thank F'ing God that no one saw me. I'm wearing a jean skirt too. See, whatta happen was...(we always say that when we're about to tell a story - you gotta add a down-south bayou accent to it) I'm wearing these wedge flip-flops and I apparently stepped on the side of it instead of coming straight down and twisty goes my ankle!

So, I know I'm going down & try to catch myself but that just ends up fucking me up worse. I land on my knee and wrist at the same time, then *oomph* goes my tummy, other arm, face. Rug burns on my knee and elbows. Skirt up around my waist showing the world my baby maker. *DIES* I laughed and hopped right the fuck back up because anyone could be coming around the corner at any time. Oh shit. My wrist and ankle hurt a little but they're ok now. Probably the funniest thing any one's seen in a long time if they had seen it. Sorta makes me sad no one did see it.

Well, it's way past beer-thirty and I'm way past due for one. Have a good Friday night!


Vixen said...

*snort* FELL!? UGH! That's the worst At least no one saw you! beef.... LOLOLOL

I am working on a button for you! it's super cool. I'll get on that and try to finish it this wkend. I got stumped and then side tracked. I'll finish it this wkend!

Less than two weeks and YOU. WILL. BE. HERE!!! *WOOT!*

I Smile 2 Much said...

have fun at the winery dinner place ma*thingy. take pix! take pix! i wanna see what you wear!

wait. did u say *the mall*??? ; )

omy frickin heck- your fall sounds funny*crazy*hurtful- i do that stuff accidentally all the time. graceful i am not (lol)

and never stop bein all kinds of good to gramma ; ) *haha j/k

luv ya girl- glad your back

Lil Bit said...

Yeah, I think we all need a vacation from our vacations, when we take one. LOL, tough gettin' back into the swing of things, but glad you're back.

Speaking of swing, careful of the swing in your walk there, girlie... no more twisted ankles & cracked cracks, k? lol ;)

I've had a Flickr acct for about 2 yrs now -- and STILL haven't added a single pic! LOL!!