Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Happy Humpalicious Day!

So I was invited to a bachelorette party and it doesn't say much but a residence to show up with, dress 'downtown dressy' & bring 'ID & $35'. That kinda torques me. This party is being thrown by two girls and it's my understanding that the hostess should by throwing this - as in paying for it. Now - if that $35 is for a limo to cart our asses around the roads, so be it, I am fine with that, but don't you think they should have said that? I will be pissed if my $35 just goes into those girls' pockets & it doesn't go towards something that benefits me.

You guys want a stripper - you pay for it.
You want party favors or food - you pay for it (unless we go to dinner, then *I* will pay for my own, which will NOT total $35)

I don't know - I work hard for my money (you all just sang that sentence, you know it!) and it's not to go towards something I don't approve of. It's not 'til the 15th.

The Man and I did got a gazebo thing for our patio and then spent all day yesterday driving around different places hutning for patio furniture. I was PMSing so it wasn't a fun experience. We were just like oil & water. He'd say right just because I said left and it was really pissing me off, lol. Then I came up with brilliant idea of getting pots and filling those up with cement to keep it from getting blown away. I wanted something decorative, you know? Yeah, well - it was HARD to find something that I liked that wasn't $40 a fucking pot, not to mention the fact that no one carries FOUR of the same pot (I had to do 2 & 2). UGH!!

But here is the almost finished results (oops - I just saw that I forgot to push that one ottoman cushion all the way down. Oh well...):

Now I'm going to get my book, grab a beer and go out and enjoy my rewards ;)


Vixen said...

I don't know what 'button cushion' you are talking about, lol... But that looks fucking *awesome!!!*


unbridledesires said...

That is a beautifl place to enjoy some adult beverages! Wow...almost makes me want to go out and get one...email me and tell me where you got! Please?

Lil Bit said...

oooooo - what a nice relaxing patio you got going on there! =)

Ronjazz said...

For $35, you'd better get a handjob or dinner, whichever is better!

And thank you...:)