Monday, July 28, 2008

Mute Monday - Brands

HA - I stayed away from posting anything Betsey Johnson because Vixen did her whole thing on it, lol. These are a few brands I think are known right away from site by most people.
This weekend The Man added rope lighting to the gazebo thing and did some other household tinkering. We had a BBQ Saturday night and enjoyed friends in the cool night (it's finally been a little cooler at night - like after 8pm - to where you can sit outside and relax).
Wierd Ass Mom had a redneck party to go to so I decked her out as best we could. She doesn't have any redneck clothing so we opted to go the redneck cougar route. She ended up looking really good, lol.
Yesterday, we watched Thank You For Not Smoking (loved it) and then went to Walgreen's and came back and lazed around the house. Went swimming for a little bit in the afternoon & that was it.
I only have a 2 day work week this week. Thursday, we'll take our time getting up & then head down to San Diego, stopping at my work along the way to pick up my paycheck and deposit it before getting to the airport. We have to be there 2hrs before our plane leaves & with that airport, you'd better be. Our plane leaves at 4:30 and gets in Denver at their 8pm (our 7pm). It's never taken 2.5 hours to get there before, so hopefully, it'll be the same. More like 2hrs.
Can't wait to spend a crazy weekend with Vixen and PC during their wedding!
Today - I had motivated plans of going to the mall looking for a bachelorette party top for the 15th, but now I'm not so sure. I need to start packing and planning shit for this weekend too.
Off to see the wizard - you all have a good day ;)


Vixen said...

Your mom looked 'real good' eh? LOLOLOL (couldn't resist).

I was wondering when you got in. You need to send me your info so I can there to get you guys. ;)

I Smile 2 Much said...

Luv your brands, some of my faves too! Hope the packing/planning is goin all kinds of good 4 ya!!!

I'm so excited 4 all of ya'll....

Well except for the packing part I mean. ; ) *lol

luv ya! ; )

Amorous Rocker said...

I know Sephora (omg yes) and I know Levis and I *love Roxy. I don't know the other two though, lol. I need to stay away from you people posting shoes. I have enough of a problem finding fifty pairs I want on my own. =/