Monday, July 7, 2008

MM - Patriotism

Sorry, didn't think I would have time to do this today, but I have about an hour of alone/free time so there you go. I won't be around the rest of the week but don't forget to stop by next week!

While I have some free time, I might as well write too. Two of my friends who have blogs are having sorta the same problem and it's one I just.don't.get. They're being left rude anon comments that are hurtful & spiteful. I thought, long ago when I first got into computers & on-line conversations, that it is was incredibly stupid and immature and a huge reflection of one's character to type something on a screen that you would not say to some one's face. And you can puff up your chest and say all you want that you would say this or that to their face, but I'm calling bull-fucking-shit on that one. Bullshit. Some things; yes, but something really rude (you all know what I mean) you so would not. You'd be an asshole.

I believe that if you really would, you would sign your name to that fucking comment & own up to it. Face your repercussions from the other person. Just as if you would say that to their face, you pretty much realize it could end up in a fight. Plus, you wouldn't say that comment to their face with a bag over your head so they couldn't tell who said it, now would you??

That's pretty much what you just did leaving that anon note, dumbass. You just proved to the world and to the person you left the note to, that you are a coward of the biggest kind. You are a pussy, you - in some way - are jealous of them, you are scared of them and that your momma just didn't raise you right.

If she had, you would have remembered these 'in a social situation' tips (I'm not talking about thoughts in your head. Good Lord, we all have our opinions, they just don't need to aired out to purposely hurt someone):
  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated
  • You never know the whole story of some one's life
  • Don't judge others
  • Be open minded
  • What goes around, comes around
  • Karma's a bitch
  • Other people remember the nice people. They want to be around them, they want to do things for them, they respect them.

I think the girls who had this happen to them need to brush it off and stand upright and forget about these pussies who aren't worth their time or effort. Move on & ignore the stalkers - take away their ammunition. They'll get bored. That or play back. Humour & indifference are disarming weapons.

*Steps down from soapbox* I'm off to Idaho before the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow morning. See you all next week!


(g)ezebel said...

i like it when you're on your soapbox! i can see your ass better. :0)

girrl, one of your FAVES on OD said something shitty to you? fcking crazy. i would have felt the same way you did.

i have a very tight faves list; 90% have been with me since i started.

anyway, if you're ever back on OD, my diary name is still (g)ezebel. i'm going to delete this diary as it's just too much misery for me. third time someone told me i look stupid or other bullshit.

Osbasso said...

But how do you really feel about this??

Have fun in Idaho--you haven't mentioned what part... Hope you planned ahead for HNT!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Have a safe trip to Idaho. I am so glad to have discovered your blog. You write very well and photograh beautifully.

Anonymous said...

hope Idaho is a big ole time.
lol@ your momma didn't raise you right & say it with a bag over your head!

great pics too!

Vixen said...

Ok then. Well said. LMAO



Lil Bit said...

I luv soapboxes, I've been on a couple myself before. LOL

... and yep, I've had my fair share of Anon Assholes, too.
At first, I was hurt... but it didn't take me long to actually laugh about them, since it got my feathers ruffled and I welcome my emotions (whatever they may be at the time). It was fun blasting them back, too! LOL

Anon Assholes are cowards!
Plain 'n simple.
Hope whoever rec'd the anon comments lets it roll off their back like cool water.

ps. I am SOOO snagging that b'fly image you have up. VERY cool!

pps. Have a fun trip. miss ya.

Miss Sarah said...

Idaho? No Udaho!!!