Monday, July 14, 2008

Who's the ho? Idaho!

Well, Idaho in the summer time is really...normal. Besides only seeing white people and the normal state differences (license plates etc etc) it wasn't that big of a change. The weather was awesome (mid 80's compared to the low 100's here was SUPER refreshing) and lots of CA friends were already there (either visiting too or had moved up there) that it didn't seem we were so far away from our own town. It was oddly strange.

The Man's buddy was surprised, but he knew something was up. After he left for work, his wife went about to making our beds (air mattresses in the den) and he had forgotten something & came back home & caught her, lol. Tuesday was really fun - like old times here. The rest of the week was just relaxing. They both had to work. I think The Man would move there in a heartbeat if it didn't snow. Like thousands of others would, I'm sure, lol.

It is a different lifestyle up there, for sure. People are...slow. And friendly. They talk to you! They start conversations with you! They smile at you! CA is a very un-friendly state, lol. I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode. Doh! And gas prices are a lot cheaper and so is the tax. We got groceries and the tax was only $2.80! And while the cheapest gas here wavers around $4.50, up there it was $3.89. *SIGH*

Two of their friends were major porn stars. It was funny knowing that while having dinner with them. I'm not sure if they knew we knew. One, she still strips and just screams "Crazy-ass bitch" (she's nice, not that mental crazy type, but Hell raising type crazy). But we came home & googled each of them & watched them in action *snort*. They left CA to leave that behind them & start fresh (one is married).

Today is spent taking the dogs to the vet to get their shots updated & get their licenses renewed. Riverside county does this thing every few years of going around & putting notices on doors and you call & have them come back to prove you licensed your dog. PITA, but it's not something I can ignore. I can never remember when Cerveza's license is up (what month - it's a yearly thing) so he might still be ok, but I doubt it since I got the vet reminder card.

Here's a survey Vixen tagged my ass with ;)
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.
So….here goes.
1) I am a very open-minded person, as in I accept lots of different things, but I have my own STRONG opinions. If that makes sense. I hate certain things in people, but I won't be rude to you because of it. I won't NOT be your friend because of it. Does that make sense?
2) I used to be pitifully shy. I got tired of it & started forcing myself to be more confident. Challenging myself to do things that made me uncomfortable. I still do to this day. I could very easily be a hermit somewhere. It's a constant battle within myself. I'm not a people person. Hole me up somewhere with a shit load of animals & I'm ecstatic.
3) I don't do small talk. 'Gabby' people annoy me. Stop talking already! Enjoy the silence, lol! Really, in social situations, I will keep up the conversation, but you can definitely tell when I want out or don't want to be dragged in. I don't need to fill the air between us with senseless chatter.
4) (Like Vixen I hate talking on the phone too, but I'll pick something else here, lol) It fucking bugs the ever-living shit out of me when someone is in my kitchen while I'm cooking. Get out!! Get out, get out, get out!!! And you want to see me run to the bedroom to scream or I'll deck you upside the face?? Dip your nasty ass fingers in what I'm making to take a taste! OMG - The Man's dad does this and he grosses me out as a person anyway so you can imagine my ire being irked when he licks the spoon and puts it back in!! OMFG OMFG OMFG I feel like throwing it out & starting it all over again. Sit your FAT ASS down and wait until dinner is done - you have enough layers on you that you won't starve!
5) One night stands are a fetish of mine...before I was married. It was a different life time ago.
6) Stupid people really bother me. I realize this is a loaded opinion because one man's stupid is another's genius, but what the fuck happened to common sense? Don't people have it anymore?? Do people just not think anymore?

I probably should have waited later in the day to answer these questions and I could have came up with better ones. You can, obviously, tell that I'm annoyed right now. LMFAO Sorry about that. Off to do laundry & shit!


Anonymous said...

I'm damn sure with you on aimless babble and people without common sense.
Sounds like your vacation was fun!

Vixen said...

I totally have to google those girls. I've been dying to all day since I read your email in the car. LOL

Hehe... too. ;) Mike has told me I am one of the most strongly opinionated woman he has ever met who still has an open mind. Doh.